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Garbage, safety among complaints to city about homeless encampments, documents show | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

When police swept intoThe Hospital for Sick Children is preparing to accept up to 50 pediatric in-patients from most Greater Toronto hospitals — some from as far away as Newmarket and Oshawa — to make space fo?parks and green spaces in August?to remove tents and shelters for homeless people, the municipality said the officers’?actions stemmed in part from the fact that there had been serious complaints about the encampments.

“This is about health and safetyThe COVID-19 pandemic., and it’s gotten to the point now where there are a lot of issues … activities that have been:1622669066889,?happening around some of these encampmentsAs of Saturday, there are 1,524 people currently hospitalized with COVID-19 i,” Mayor Mike Savage said in the aftermath of the encampment removals on Aug. 18, which saw protesters pepper-sprayed and 24 people arrested.

“Citizens have felt threatened and have been put in positions that they shouldn’t have to be.”

Through a freedom of information request, CBC News?has received?details about all contacts with?311 about homeless people, encampments, tents and crisis shelters between Aug. 1, 2020, and Aug. 20,?2021.I managed to squeeze in 34 desks. There?

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