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Tetra Pak has an absolute advantage in China's packaging market. Chinese enterprises are dissatisfied with the CCTV-2 economic information network. With the rapid expansion of China's dairy market, one of the more professional markets has become a hot spot for many businesses, which is the packaging market of milk cartons. At present, the market of nearly 5billion yuan has been dominated by a Swedish enterprise for a long time. A few days ago, many Chinese packaging enterprises were dissatisfied with this pattern, and they brought a lawsuit to the industry association. The Swedish company is Tetra Pak. It entered the Chinese market 25 years ago. At the beginning, it sold packaging machines. Later, it began to sell packaging materials, which is often referred to as milk cartons

Lishuliang, Secretary General of aseptic packaging Committee of China Packaging Technology Association: at present, Tetra Pak (Tetra Pak) occupies 95% of the market in China. Two years ago, some enterprises reported that it was getting bigger and bigger in China. Later, it was not allowed to allow others to participate. Later, the scale of the packaging material factory was getting bigger and bigger. Isn't it Shandong Quanlin that took the lead this time

Shandong Quanlin is a newly emerging domestic paper packaging enterprise. They reported that the price of a 250 ml packaging box from Tetra Pak is 40 cents, while the price of Quanlin is 32 cents. Although the quality is the same and the price is cheaper than Tetra Pak, most dairy companies in China still only use Tetra Pak products in the production of film and plastic packaging bags

Li Shuliang: in terms of packaging materials, China has recently gone up, and the quality is OK

according to the figures provided by China Packaging Industry Association, at present, the domestic large dairy enterprises Sanyuan, Guangming, Mengniu, Yili and other companies use the products of Tetra Pak in Sweden. Huiyuan and other large companies in the juice industry also use the company's packaging paper

Chinese enterprises question Tetra Pak's "bundling sales"

according to Tetra Pak's competitors, Tetra Pak is relying on their equipment advantages to bundle its own consumables, so it can occupy most of the market in the case of high prices

Li Shuliang: some enterprises report that Tetra Pak's paper materials have a kind of identification code, and the computer on Tetra Pak's canning machine only recognizes this Jin min, which has caused a sensation in the high-level new material industry. Only one identification code can work, and the canning machine of other companies will not work. They registered her

Tetra Pak does not admit that it has such "bundling" behavior

Zhou Shuanghu, manager of Tetra Pak China's business development department: (identification and correction system) for example, cut a head in half, the top and bottom are inconsistent, and then the barcode or the corresponding product content is not in the correct position, so the products often cannot leave the factory, which will cause waste, so this is actually a competitive advantage of our filling machine

Tetra Pak also does not recognize the 95% market share said by the China Packaging Industry Association

Tetra Pak: on this point, I think the so-called 95% market share we occupy is inaccurate. We don't tend to view this market like this.

Tetra Pak's competitor Quanlin company also believes that Tetra Pak's customers have no right to choose other packaging materials companies within the period of the contract, and the customers of the canning machine must use Tetra Pak's packaging materials for a long time, so Tetra Pak has achieved the purpose of excluding other competitors

Bi Hua, general manager of Shandong Quanlin packaging company: it has excellent machinery and equipment. Aircraft is the safest means of transportation in the world, but I don't think it's appropriate to transfer the advantages of machinery and equipment to consumables

background: Tetra Pak was fined a large sum of money by the European Union for "improper behavior"

Tetra Pak Sweden is the world's largest supplier of flexible packaging. Since entering China in the 1980s, Tetra Pak has quickly become the largest flexible packaging supplier in China

Tetra Pak's bundling sales behavior has been accused of bad competition behavior and banned in the Sherman Act and Clayton Act of the United States and the anti-monopoly law of the European Union

as early as 1991, the company was fined 75million euros by the European Union and the European Court of justice for abusing its monopoly position, bundling and restricting competition in the European liquid packaging carton market

Tetra Pak sold its first "brick carton aseptic canning machine" to Foshan, Guangdong Province, China in 1979. Since then, Tetra Pak has continuously strengthened its development speed in China, and expanded from selling canning machines alone to extending the service life of products, packaging materials and parts supply. So far, the company has sold more than a thousand canning machines in China, accounting for 95% of the Chinese canning machine market

Tetra Pak's development in China can be divided into two stages: the first stage is from the late 1970s to the early 1990s. The company takes the sales of canning machines as its main profit model. The second stage is that since the mid-1990s, the company has gradually transformed to the field of packaging materials after establishing a packaging material factory in China

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