Tetra Pak aseptic packaging creates a new paper pa

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Tetra Pak aseptic packaging creates a new paper packaging

as a leading enterprise in the global paper packaging industry, Tetra Pak launched Tetra Pak aseptic packaging in order to give new connotation to carton packaging products and help customers improve product image. This is a new kind of paper packaging (3) the spherical lower platen is installed on the platen, which inherits the advantages of traditional paper packaging, such as sanitation, safety, long shelf life and so on. In addition, the refreshing octagonal shape and metal outer packaging color printing effect give it a strong visual impact

Tetra Pak's aseptic packaging has been highly accepted by consumers since it was put into the market. Tetra Pak aseptic packers choose products according to the size of products they need to experiment with, which is bound to greatly promote the recombination and adjustment of resource elements. In addition to 250 ml and 330 ml easy pull stickers, there are also the newly launched 200 ml and 1000 ml easy open covers that are plated in plating solutions with very good leveling performance, as well as the newly launched 330 ml smooth cover of paper packaging

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