Tetra Pak pillow packaging soymilk enters the Beij

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Tetra Pak pillow packaged soymilk enters the Beijing market

a soymilk packaged with Tetra Pak pillow has recently appeared in the Beijing market, greatly facilitating the majority of consumers

China is one of the first countries to recognize the nutritional value of soybeans. Until now, many families still follow the habit of drinking soymilk for breakfast. However, the traditional soybean milk processing technology is simple, the nutritional value is not high, and it is not easy to preserve

at present, advanced manufacturers in the world adopt aseptic packaging technology. The instantaneous ultra-high temperature sterilization method used by it can not only kill bacteria, but also make beans 5 The cold and hot shock tester has no fuse switch (circuit breaker) and temperature over temperature protector. The nutritional components in milk are fully preserved, and the influence of light on the nutrition and original flavor of soybean milk is effectively prevented, so that it maintains a good taste and nutritional value. Tetra Pak pillow packaging is one of them

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