Tetra Pak launched a new A3 aseptic filling machin

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Tetra Pak launched the new "A3 aseptic filling machine/flexible line"

A3 aseptic filling machine/flexible line is the crystallization of Tetra Pak's continuous improvement and innovation technology

Tetra Pak also launched the most popular Tetra Pak sterile brick family and personal sizes and shapes in the new system. The openings range from the simplest hole pressing line, easy to pull sticker and straw to the more advanced free opening 2, free to open 3, easy to screw cover, smooth cover and slim cover, which can be resealed, everything

Tetra Pak aseptic filling machine A3/flexible line is designed to help customers reduce costs and simplify operation and maintenance

for example: integrate the easy pull sticker or DIMC (direct injection molding technology) capping machine into the filling machine; Increase the space to contact the gripper system; Easy to use touch screen panel; It has a wide range of alarm functions, and has different operating languages to choose from; Provide the operator with instructions for troubleshooting

in addition, the standard PLMS packaging production line monitoring system is used to help customers collect Analyze and monitor the operation of Tetra Pak packaging production line. Gary Che added that the ore demand fell "Nowadays, the excellent performance of ceramic components has been used in many fields.

a3 flexible line can flexibly and conveniently change the packaging capacity and shape, adjust the output according to the season and promotion opportunity, provide customers with a lot of value-added benefits, reduce business risks, and cope with the continuous changes of the market.

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