Tetra Pak China will launch FSC certified paper pa

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Tetra Pak China will launch FSC certified paper packaging

on May 17, 2010, Tetra Pak China announced that it will officially launch dairy beverage paper packaging with the certification mark of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in the Chinese market, support sustainable forest management with practical actions, promote the packaging industry chain to practice the low-carbon principle, and provide consumers with more environmentally friendly packaging options

fsc certification is an important standard in the field of sustainable forest management. 5. The steel wire rope horizontal tensile testing machine system is an important standard in the field of full microcomputer control and management. A total of 10 principles and 56 standards have been set up to measure whether the forest management unit has achieved good management. The FSC mixed source certification label on Tetra Pak packaging this time shows that the pulp in its raw materials comes from the forest that has obtained FSC certification or has adopted phase separation technology to prepare PVDF microspheres to achieve sustainable management standards. At the same time, the manufacturing, processing and sales of pulp to paperboard. 2. According to the use of the machine and the service life of the oil, the production and marketing links also meet the strict standards of FSC certification

in response to the increasing attention and support of the Chinese government and Chinese consumers for environmental protection, especially in conjunction with the 2010 WorldExpo, a green event held in Shanghai, Tetra Pak has specifically made China a key market for the launch of FSC certified packaging, plans to launch 2billion FSC certified packaging within this year, and will strive to make this number exceed 14billion packages within two years, So that more consumers can buy paper packaged dairy products and beverages with FSC certification marks, and contribute to environmental protection through their own consumption choices. Tetra Pak China will launch the first batch of FSC certified packaging in July this year, covering three main categories and five specifications of products, including sterile Tetra Pak pillows, sterile Tetra Pak diamonds and sterile Tetra Pak bricks

Li Hesen, President of Tetra Pak China, said: Tetra Pak has always adhered to the sustainable development concept of promoting the coordinated development of economic benefits, society and the environment, and implemented environmental protection and low-carbon measures in the operation of the company. At the same time, as a negative enterprise, we always pay attention to the sustainable development of the whole industry and build a green chain running through the upstream and downstream with suppliers, customers and consumers. Tetra Pak will also continue to spare no effort to support China's sustainable forest management and certification, and work with more customers to create a convenient platform for consumers to support environmental protection and participate in low-carbon

for a long time, Tetra Pak has followed the 4R environmental protection principles of renewable, reducing, recycling and responsible. Tetra Pak has been operating around the principle of reducing the impact on the environment from the use of raw materials, product design to production and operation. In the field of raw materials, Tetra Pak always requires that the cardboard used in packaging materials come from sustainably managed forests certified to meet internationally recognized standards. Following the launch of the world's first batch of liquid food carton packaging with FSC certification marks in the UK market in 2007, Tetra Pak has launched FSC certified packaging in many markets around the world, with the number of packages exceeding 2.3 billion in 2009. In addition, Tetra Pak promised that by 2015, all purchased paperboards must obtain FSC chain of custody certification. At the same time, Tetra Pak plans to complete the FSC chain of custody certification of all packaging materials and printing plants in the world by 2018, and Tetra Pak's four packaging materials plants in China will all pass this certification in the near future

Tetra Pak has been actively supporting and promoting sustainable forest management projects in China. Since 2006, Tetra Pak has cooperated with the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), China greening foundation, the Ministry of forestry and other relevant departments to jointly promote the concept of sustainable forest management, effectively support the certification of China's forests, and plan to provide practical support for the local sustainable forest management system to remove all obstacles in the pendulum strike circle of the wood planking machine. In July, 2008, with the support of Tetra Pak, more than 100000 hectares of forests in Yong'an Forestry in Fujian Province passed the FSC certification, making the total area of forests certified by the FSC in China exceed 700000 hectares, ranking in the forefront of Asia. In 2010, Tetra Pak continued to support the sustainable forest management and certification work of Yunnan Tengchong Forest Farm, which is expected to pass the certification audit within this year, so that China's sustainable forest management and certification work can reach a new level

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