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Tetra Pak, Sweden: accused of monopolizing dairy packaging by the industry

a vice chairman of a domestic packaging enterprise said in an interview that the competition and cooperation between dairy processing enterprises and their upstream and downstream enterprises form an industry "profit pool", and the upstream and downstream enterprises are in the same industry profit pool, so they should obtain the corresponding share of the rising raw material cost and energy cost pressure. However, now aseptic packaging accounts for 40% of the price of milk products, which shows that when the vertical distribution, the profits can not be averaged. There is only one reason: monopoly. However, some more optimistic insiders said that the market will teach us everything. The Chinese computer market was once almost monopolized by IBM, but now the situation has completely changed, and no monopolist can finally control the market. J026 foreign evaluation Tetra Pak's competitive means in Asia is "not bright"

the recently published Swedish daily describes their own enterprises as follows: Tetra Pak is accused of using shady business competition means in Asia, and they are unscrupulous in increasing market share

according to the newspaper, Tetra Pak is not listed, so there is no need to disclose its business figures, and few people know their exact financial situation. However, according to the estimates of authoritative institutions, Tetra Pak's profit margin will be about 20%, which is several times higher than that of some competitors. For example, Elopak in Norway was about 6.5% in 2001, and sigcombibloc was about 12%

it is reported that Tetra Pak received a record fine from the "European Commission" in 1991. The company mistakenly used their market advantages and implemented different forms of bundle sales to mejerierna, which rented their packaging machinery. Therefore, the company was forced to buy TP packaging materials and other items. Tetra Pak corrected their practice under the supervision of the European Commission and under the direct relationship between the tearing expansion speed and the tensile speed of the gripper. But outside the European Union, Tetra Pak has no supervision from relevant institutions, and it is still possible to make money in many places with known methods. J026 enterprises reported that Tetra Pak was still seizing the Chinese market

Not long ago, Yili Group announced to the outside world that as of October 31, 2003, Tetra Pak packaging of the company had reached a record 5billion packages. According to the company's image, Yili will sell 500 packets of Tetra Pak milk every time the Chinese take a deep breath

a marketing director of Yili said that Yili has always regarded the cooperation with Tetra Pak as the cooperation between international companies, and did not feel anything unusual. Yili has been cooperating with Tetra Pak since 1997. At present, it has 54 Tetra Pak production lines, with a daily processing capacity of 2000 tons of fresh milk. In addition, the two sides are currently discussing broader cooperation, which is also part of Yili's further integration of its global resources

Pangang, President of Yili, said that Yili advocates positive and benign competitive wisdom. Chinese enterprises should have the mentality of daring to compete, and everyone should realize the survival of the fittest on a platform full of morality

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