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On the eve of this year's teachers' day, Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, visited Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University to investigate the development of modern vocational education and visited teachers and students. On behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, he extended holiday greetings to the fatigue life of springs and educators across the country. This shows that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to vocational education and teacher training in vocational education. Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that at present, some aspects of technology can be refined, but there is often an obvious gap in mass production of products, which affects consumers' feelings and confidence in made in China. It is hoped that through the development of modern vocational education and the drive of high-level skill masters, more high-quality professionals will be cultivated, and the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence will be spread across all types and fields of enterprises in China, going deep into every manufacturing link and every process, so that large, medium and small enterprises can produce refined products and become an important supporting force to drive the leap of manufacturing in China. This speech not only pointed out the necessity and importance of developing modern vocational education, but also pointed out the reality of training artisans

craftsman's teacher is both a teacher and a master

for a long time, vocational education teachers have been defined as double qualified teachers, who can not only engage in theoretical teaching, but also guide practical teaching

craftsman's teacher, integrating teachers and masters, is visual and intuitive, which not only points out the training specifications of students receiving vocational education, but also accurately positions the training objectives of vocational education teachers; It not only puts forward the requirements of school enterprise cooperation, but also points out the direction for teachers' professional development

as a teacher, we should understand education and as a teacher, we should have technology; As a teacher, I teach and educate people, and as a master, I teach and impart skills; As a teacher, he should cultivate virtue and cultivate people, and as a teacher, he should preach and teach; Teach professional skills as a teacher and inherit craftsmanship as a master; As a teacher, I can get on the podium and as a teacher, I can get off the workshop. Vocational education teachers are good at both writing and martial arts, combine teaching with practice, have dual identities, play dual roles, and take dual responsibilities. They are skilled in cultivating technical and skilled talents

a craftsman's teacher is both a soul engineer and an outstanding sculptor.

a teacher is an engineer of the human soul. He should teach by example and be an example of others. He is not only a model for students, but also a guide for the ideological and moral construction of the whole society. Good teachers always infect and influence students with their own personality charm and spiritual temperament. Vigorously carrying forward good teacher ethics is the eternal theme of education

at present, made in China is moving towards high-quality manufacturing and high-quality manufacturing, which requires a large number of craftsmen. Jade without carving can't make a thing. The formation of craftsmen in big countries, such as carving jade, requires craftsmen's teachers to carve and shape in practice, while teaching professional skills, otherwise it will inhibit the growth of dense bones and cultivate professional spirit. Outstanding sculptors sculpt both works and personalities; Both sculpture material products, but also sculpture spiritual value; Not only impart skills, but also inherit technical skills; Both mind and skill

a craftsman's teacher should cultivate skills with morality, conduct skills with morality, repair both morality and technology, and how to solve the unity of knowledge and practice when the Brinell hardness tester fails, so as to teach people morality, skills, wisdom and development

craftsman teachers attach importance to both book knowledge and practical skills

craftsman teachers should consolidate the theoretical foundation and improve the application level. Book knowledge is the crystallization of human wisdom, the ladder of human progress, and the tool for understanding the world and exploring the future. As a teacher, we must have a deep theoretical foundation in order to effectively teach and vividly explain, so book knowledge is very important

and vocational education is ability based education, emphasizing practical ability. Knowledge is not equal to ability, but knowledge is the source of ability, and ability is the application and transformation of knowledge. Ability cannot exist independently without basic knowledge. Only by laying a solid knowledge foundation can ability be improved

knowledge can be transformed into ability only through practice, so practice is the best way to train and improve ability. There is no strict sequence boundary for the formation of knowledge and ability. Learning in practice, practicing in learning, and four years of practical teaching are continuous. While learning, practice at the same time. Knowledge and ability develop synchronously, promote and transform each other, and improve together

a craftsman's teacher should not only be well-informed and knowledgeable, but also specialize in his or her profession.

as the saying goes, a teacher should give students a bowl of water and have a bucket of water, which reflects the characteristics of a teacher who is well-informed and knowledgeable

as a craftsman, you should not only master professional knowledge, but also have rich background knowledge of industry and enterprises, understand the cutting-edge level of world technical skills, grasp the industry trends at home and abroad, master new ideas, new knowledge, new technology, new processes, new materials, and have a certain degree of scientific literacy, humanistic literacy and artistic accomplishment

as a master of craftsmanship, he should also have special attainments in a certain field and become a master of a certain industry through diligent study, hard training and continuous research

craftsman teachers are teachers with broad and solid theoretical foundation + professional and in-depth technical skills + skilled teaching experience. Extensive knowledge and technical expertise make the craftsman become a T-type talent, who not only has deep knowledge and superb skills in a professional field, but also has a wide range of knowledge, and can think and explore across borders; We should not only master the necessary book knowledge, but also cultivate our ability to solve practical problems in practice

the master of craftsmanship should not only cultivate ingenuity, but also learn from the essence of quality, which lies in ingenuity. Ingenuity is to let us stay in the world with a firm spirit and a persistent belief. Only when we don't forget our original intention can we always get there. If there is no spirit of ingenuity, it is always almost OK. It is impossible to produce high-quality products satisfactory to consumers, and it is difficult to create Chinese quality and Chinese brands

as a craftsman, in addition to cultivating craftsmanship, we should also learn from materials. Study, study and observe the position (support point) of l/2 drawn on both sides along the center line of the plastering surface and the bottom edge of the block. The object should be meticulous and carefully speculated, so as to understand the truth, master the law, mature skills, teach professional skills, cultivate more professional and skilled craftsmen, and promote the manufacture in China to be not only good and cheap, but also of excellent quality

in a word, a craftsman's teacher should use his brain and hands, integrate knowledge and practice, integrate single mindedness, concentration and professionalism into every task and detail of teaching and work, Polish more fine works, teach by doing, learn by doing, cultivate more dedicated and trustworthy craftsmen, and create a high level of made in China

(the author is a professor of the Vocational Education Teacher Research Institute of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University)

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