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Teamwork helps McDonald's practice agile development

recently, after more than a year of careful examination, the world-renowned catering giant McDonald's finally decided to introduce teamwork as its project collaboration and agile development tool for its Chinese IT department. Through teamwork, the project team of McDonald's IT department manages the project more clearly and conveniently in a "collaborative" way, so that project members can understand the progress of the project at any time and effectively promote the progress of the project; At the same time, through the agile practice of teamwork, promote software development and rapid iteration

Mr. Zhou Yanan, manager of the project management office of McDonald's information technology department, said that as an enterprise level project management and collaboration tool, teambite can significantly improve the project collaboration efficiency of McDonald's IT department, iterate once every two weeks, and the use experience continues to improve. In addition, as a SaaS software, teamwork has good access speed and experience

efficient project collaboration, improve operational efficiency

McDonald's IT department has multiple project teams, which are responsible for promoting different projects. Most projects tend to have long cycles and many participants. By using teamwork, the project manager of McDonald's IT department and the members of the project team can communicate on the same platform, constantly track the completion of tasks and the progress of the project, efficiently synchronize information through "collaboration", and quickly promote the project. In addition, teamwork enables McDonald's project members to communicate based on specific "projects" and "tasks". Problems that previously needed to be solved through meetings can now be easily solved by communicating in "tasks", "sharing" or "documents", and the information is immediately synchronized to all project participants, saving a lot of communication and meeting time. Teamtion has created high-quality applications on PC, page and end. Users can collaborate anytime, anywhere, and the project progress rate has been further improved

McDonald's project collaboration interface on team

agile landing and rapid iteration

some R & D projects of McDonald's IT department are carried out in an agile development method, striving to achieve rapid iteration of products and meet user needs faster. Teamwork enables McDonald's agile research and development to be implemented, and has become an important tool for McDonald's to practice agile research and development. McDonald's R & D team has created a standard agile R & D process through teamwork, with careful records and orderly; The research and development process is clear, transparent and efficient

McDonald's agile development interface on teambite

teambite iterates every two weeks to meet the needs of more large enterprises

McDonald's introduction of teambite is a prudent decision. As early as 2015, McDonald's consciously understood the IT project management tools in the market and came into contact with teamwork. However, for an international catering giant like McDonald's, it is not easy to introduce office software, which requires comprehensive consideration. McDonald's IT department has complex business and high demand for it tools. After more than a year's observation of teamwork, it was decided to introduce it. When talking about this decision, Mr. Zhou Yanan, manager of the project management office of McDonald's information technology department, said that the iteration rate of teamwork makes the product itself grow and develop very rapidly, which often brings us many surprising functions. Our needs have been better met; Be able to use simpler methods to achieve more complex things. In the past, teamwork was also the main means to manufacture nylon special materials and improve nylon performance. It added the functions of self-defined fields, burnout charts, Gantt charts, enterprise reports and other steel prices to continue the downturn, and released the enterprise application center, giving enterprises the ability to build their own applications. On the basis of collaboration, enterprises can achieve more things through teamwork

with the help of teamwork, McDonald's IT department has realized rapid information sharing and synchronization, and carried out collaboration and project promotion on the premise of information transparency. It is a real agile operation. Agile is not only a way of research and development, but also a working state. Qi Junyuan, the founder and CEO of teamwork, believes that in this era, enterprises must have the ability to quickly respond to market changes. Collaboration can not only comprehensively improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and employee productivity, but also enable organizations to become agile and respond to external changes in a timely manner. With the continuous upgrading of teamwork products, it will be able to bring the "collaborative" working method to more enterprises like McDonald's and help them achieve their corporate goals faster

about teamwork

teamwork is the creator of domestic team collaboration tools. By helping teams easily share and discuss tasks, documents, sharing, schedules and other contents in work, what is the maintenance skill of team collaboration without universal material testing machine? Let's have a look. It's possible. Teamwork has created apps with outstanding experience in page, desktop and mobile environments, so you can work with teams anytime, anywhere. Its iPhone app has also been rated as the best app of 2015 by apple. At present, more than 5million users have collaborated through teamwork, including leading enterprises in many industries. Teambite has obtained multiple rounds of financing from Gobi investment, IDG, Pangu and northern lights, and obtained strategic investment from Tencent in 2016. The company was selected as one of the top 50 enterprises with the most investment value in China in 2014

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