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The "team Polycom" global partner exchange conference came to a perfect conclusion

on February 10, 2015, the global partner exchange conference of Polycom, the global leading brand of communication equipment, was held grandly in the magnificent JW Marriott Hotel in the Great Lakes District of Orlando, the United States. Polycom will show the latest innovations and APIs to partners on site, interact with colleagues in the industry, visit partner booths, and meet with Polycom solution experts. Zhizhen Xintong, as one of the four general agents of Polycom in China, was invited to participate in the Global Partner Conference

speech by Peter leav, CEO of Polycom

Peter leav, President and CEO of Polycom, first made a speech. In his speech, he said: we live in an era with the highest degree of connectivity in human history. It is estimated that by 2020, the total number of connected devices will be six times the total global population. Therefore, business innovation and change will be accelerated at an alarming rate. Only the most flexible and efficient enterprises can keep pace with the times. Polycom's future vision and development strategy help enterprises greatly improve work efficiency and competitiveness by making intuitive collaboration a part of their daily operations. Polycom will help you improve the efficiency of customer service by seamlessly integrating different solutions into all workflow processes through collaboration that eliminates the sense of distance

Michael frendo, senior vice president of Polycom global product management speech

under the background that the general plan of the Internet economy countries for the next five years determines the development direction of China's national economy, enterprises must overcome geographical, time, cost and cultural barriers in order to participate in market competition more effectively, and the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary of innovation, Polycom recognizes that user experience innovation is as important as the resulting growth in enterprise value. During this meeting, we will learn about Polycom's development roadmap and watch the demonstration of innovative solutions that have defeated our competitors on site. Our solutions can help enterprises around the world fully unleash the potential of human collaboration and create great value for customers in 2015

its experimental speed will also be relatively low

Marc B, senior director of Polycom intelligent office, stipulates that only one of the three hardness values can be measured. Rown speech

today's market is full of different competitors, including new and old competitors, continuously evolving technical solutions and increasingly severe business challenges. In order to participate in the competition more effectively, suppliers need to demonstrate the flexibility and pertinence of solutions to customers, as well as the ability to create significant value for customers, provide important information through on-site demonstrations, and help you and your team promote business growth with the help of our shared value, experience, flexibility and the concept of focusing on customer success, so as to win more market share in the highly competitive market environment

mark Arman, vice president of Polycom's global sales channel, made a speech

and shared Polycom's global channel strategy with the guests present. The fundamental core is to promote the success of customers through the loyalty and profitability of partners. Polycom's global sales channel plan establishes four basic principles with a new perspective and focus: simplicity, transparency, speed and. Listen with the guests to see how Polycom can optimize its global sales channels through reform

in the face of fierce market competition in 2014, Xintong has always adhered to the business philosophy of win-win cooperation, and created a collaborative, efficient, low-carbon and win-win communication platform for customers in China with Polycom's high-quality products, reliable solutions and good after-sales service

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