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The "Lianxin" team is in action

according to the work plan of the "Lianxin" action of the Research Institute, the scientific and technological personnel of the "Lianxin" team went straight to the first stop of work - Zoomlion south company

in the Nanning area of the company, the group has preliminarily completed the visit and training of important users in Nanning, and achieved good results. At this time, Chen Yuetian, deputy general manager of Nanfang company, proposed that Guilin was a newly opened pump truck market and needed to strengthen after-sales service. In particular, the recently arrived Zoomlion pump truck is being commissioned and handed over for inspection, which requires strong technical support according to the actual utilization. Therefore, the team decided to move quickly to Guilin. As expected, as soon as I arrived in Guilin, I received a report that the pump truck was blocked during operation because the user was not familiar with the equipment. Seeing this, Chen Zongli immediately explained the knowledge of safe operation, maintenance and repair to the operators. Panlongxun, an engineer from the pump truck room of the Research Institute, did it himself and took the machine hands to disassemble and assemble the pump truck pipes. Moreover, the technical problem that the boom cannot be lowered due to improper use by the user was eliminated on site

and two production workshop foundations) "Lianxin" group's pragmatic actions for the sake of users have been warmly welcomed and highly praised by users. On June 28, despite fatigue, the action team rushed to the site of Liuzhou pump truck users. When using household appliances, it is often inseparable from the electric environment

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