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The new team will bring Nicole food packaging company to a new level

leading the aluminum foil container manufacturer Nicole food packaging is to start an important new product development plan after the appointment of a new senior management team and the completion of financial restructuring

as chairman, John Griffith arrived at billspears as group chief financial officer, serving as Group CEO and Simon Paul, leading to a complete business strategy assessment

therefore, a complete cost base has been restructured to achieve a significant reduction in working capital and a significant improvement in the group's debt structure, with a population reduction of half

Figure 2: haydale cooperates with a number of ultimate users. Further internal appointments include John Blackmore as the group's commercial director, executive director and 1 van rompaey, the company's French and Belgian subsidiaries ecopla. Nicole also implemented an investment plan focusing on strengthening and improving customer service inventory

the company is starting a comprehensive review of its product range to further develop its existing scope, identify and meet emerging market needs and employment opportunities, and develop and launch two new products and new materials. Nicole said that in the United States, the recent launch of skinfoil products has achieved great success, and the company plans to introduce this to the European market in the near future

Nicole food packaging has a proud history of product innovation and customer service, but the business still has great potential that has not yet been developed, explained Group CEO John Griffith

he said: 1. The purpose of the new team is to make the existing knowledge in a series of product development be widely used, which can fully meet the high impurity content demand of today's grain market. 2. Reliable quality has always been in great demand for food packaging, especially in coordinating different needs for convenience and minimizing food waste and environmental problems. We will work with our customers to improve the effective utilization of waste to help solve all these problems, while ensuring value for money and the highest level of customer service

Mr. Griffith said that as part of this expansion and development plan, the company would also investigate suitable acquisition opportunities across Europe

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