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The teacher's milk was suffering from plastic bag hunger and thirst. It was found that some citizens were infected with plastic bag hunger and thirst and tore the supermarket fresh-keeping bags. In Guangzhou's plastic bag wholesale market, shortness of weight seems to have become a hidden rule. Buy 100 bags and 20 short scales

many friends around me said that the number of garbage bags bought from Yide road wholesale market was not enough. I went home to check. Sure enough, there were only 42 plastic bags in a bundle of 50 that I bought there last time. Mr. Wang recently complained to that after the implementation of the plastic restriction order, many wholesalers played the trick of shortness of weight in order to make money

yesterday, in Yide Road, the owner of a plastic bag wholesale shop privately revealed that the cost of plastic bags had increased due to the rise in the price of raw materials. Since the plastic limit, the business was difficult to do, and he dared not raise the price, so he had to make 80 of the so-called 100 in a bundle. Anyway, when people wholesale, they will not count them one by one. As insiders know, 100 in the industry is 80

what's more surprising is that almost every store selling plastic shopping bags still sells thin plastic bags that fall within the prohibited range. The price of 26cm thin plastic bags is 0.04 0.1 yuan, and the price of thick plastic bags is slightly higher, between 0.1 0.25. This is the last dozen bundles. If you buy all of them, it's cheaper. Four yuan for 100. A seller offered his price forthrightly and said frankly that he would not sell after finishing this order. The owner of another plastic bag batch distribution company generously placed bundles of white transparent plastic bags at the door, and many Shiduo and vegetable market owners came to buy them. Five yuan for 100

then, I came to a shop specializing in custom-made plastic bags. I saw that the samples hanging out were thick plastic bags that met the standard, but we can also order thin ones. A 26cm size bag with a price of 540 °, rotate it from zero to the set angle, and then reverse it. "The relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou Rixin building materials Co., Ltd. said that the initial position was left at 10 cents, hrc:20 ~ 70, and the specific price can be negotiated. The shopkeeper also revealed that those who are responsible for ordering, as long as they don't display thin models on the shop floor, anyway, the plastic bags they make won't be printed with the store name, so they don't worry about causing trouble. The orders we receive are at least 10000

the bag was torn by hand, but there was no choice.

consumers took a roll of newspapers and wrapped the fresh-keeping bag in the newspaper in the supermarket. They could roll dozens of them at a time and take them away for free. Then the beam will automatically stop. This is not an exaggeration. A few days ago, Miss Xu witnessed this scene in Baijia supermarket

the relevant person in charge of the supermarket said that during this period, many people use hand tearing bags to replace shopping bags, and some people use two bags for a small bag of fruit. Observe in the fruit and vegetable shopping area of a supermarket for 15 minutes. Five people tear four or five large hand bags at a time. There are such people every day. It's hard to say that those aunts take several at a time. Supermarket staff said

in this regard, dongjinshi, a national environmental protection expert, said that this kind of thing is common throughout the country. He gave suggestions to supermarkets: first, supermarkets can reduce the model of hand tearing bags, which can not only avoid being used as shopping bags, but also save resources. Then, put the torn bag near the fruit and vegetable scale to facilitate the management of supermarket personnel. Finally, the supermarket can put a sign next to the hand torn bag, such as saving resources and using less plastic bags

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