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Join forces Zhang Dejin: focus on innovative services in the main business and become one of the top five in the world

join forces Zhang Dejin: focus on innovative services in the main business and become one of the top five in the world

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Guide: join forces do not follow the trend, do not follow the trend, and hope to speak with products, quality and efficiency. Zhang Dejin, chairman of Anhui Heli (600761), made an opening speech, which was precisely the sound business style of this old state-owned enterprise. Zhang Dejin just passed the year of his destiny. He sat on the sofa in the office on the sixth floor of Heli headquarters, behind the glass

"Heli doesn't follow the trend, but hopes to speak with products, quality and efficiency." Zhang Dejin, chairman of Anhui Heli (600761), made an opening speech, which was precisely the sound business style of this old state-owned enterprise. Zhang Dejin has just passed the year of his destiny. He is sitting on the sofa in the office on the sixth floor of Heli headquarters. Behind him is the rising sun outside the glass curtain wall

at 7:45 a.m., although the author arrived earlier than the agreed time, Zhang Dejin arrived earlier. Heli's employees said that the chairman would come to the office before 8 o'clock every day and would leave at about 7 o'clock in the afternoon

Zhang Dejin said that if there is frost (FOG) in the public testing room, the frost (FOG) must be removed before testing. The vision of the Department is to become one of the top five industrial vehicles in the world. At present, it is still in the stage of hardship and preparation. In fact, Anhui Heli has long been the leader of forklifts in China. Over the past 23 years, its forklift sales have ranked first in the country and eighth in the world. The cumulative production and sales of industrial vehicles is about 75000, an increase of nearly 20% year-on-year. It has won many honors such as "national technological innovation demonstration enterprise", "China Quality Award nomination Award", "Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award"

do not blindly cross-border development

Anhui Heli's 2013 annual report has not been released, but the published production and marketing and quarterly data show that its main economic indicators are at a historically good level

"there is a dialectical relationship between diversification and specialization. First, the main business is to be refined and specialized. On the basis of fully occupying the development space of the forklift industry, we can use surplus resources to develop other construction machinery businesses that can produce synergistic effects, so as to avoid excessive diversification and oversimplification." Zhang Dejin said that Heli will not blindly cross-border development. From the situation of the construction machinery industry in recent years, excessive diversification and blind pursuit of enterprise scale have caused some good enterprises to decline from prosperity, and may even disappear in the future

in 2013, we worked together to do three major tasks: first, accelerate the development and application of new H-type, G2 type and other medium and high-end internal combustion and electric counterweight forklift products, and enhance the strength of independent R & D and manufacturing; Second, continue to improve domestic marketing services and spare parts maintenance services. In addition, the company's development in new fields such as tractors and loaders has gradually matured, and its technology has reached the domestic first-class level. Among them, the sales volume of loader products has increased by nearly 40% under the environment of declining industry prosperity

the strategic layout of the industrial base recently completed by Anhui Heli also reflects the grasp of "refined and specialized main business" and "appropriate diversification". By the end of 2013, heli had built a strategic industrial layout with Hefei headquarters Heli Industrial Park as the center, Ningbo Lida (East), Baoji Heli (West), Hengyang Heli (South) and Panjin Heli as the regional production bases, and Hefei foundry, Bengbu hydraulic machinery factory, Anqing car factory and supporting systems as the support

the advantage of this layout is that standard products such as internal combustion and electric forklifts are supplied according to regions, reducing the cost and time of cross regional transportation and responding to the market quickly; Some special products are produced by professional factories to create high-quality products professionally

take the Heli Panjin base, which was just put into operation in October last year, as an example. Standardized forklift products are supplied to the markets of the three northeastern provinces in China. Because accurate measurement is the main purpose of all experimental machines, land access has been officially produced in Russia and the Far East. The division of labor of each professional factory is clear: the transmission grating ruler of medium and high-end export forklifts is evenly engraved with parallel lines, that is, the grating line products are mainly produced by Hefei headquarters, and the explosion-proof vehicle products are only produced in Hengyang base; The production of military special vehicles is entrusted to Baoji base

Zhang Dejin said that Heli will continue to consolidate its traditional advantageous businesses, make use of the domestic and international markets, and accelerate the adjustment and transformation to the expansion of heavy vehicles, electric storage vehicles and related construction machinery

adhere to the development of independent brands

"we aim at several leading international engineering vehicle enterprises, learn their experience in production management, brand operation and market operation, learn from the development process and mode of forklift industry in developed countries, and let these consider what the company should do in domestic and foreign markets in combination with China's national conditions." Zhang Dejin said

Zhang Dejin said that the development of Heli as an independent brand and enterprise must not be restricted, which is a prerequisite for the introduction of strategic investors or overseas investment and mergers and acquisitions. In addition, whether industrial or financial investors are introduced, heli will still be based on the main industry of construction machinery, choose beneficial partners in international market development, international operation, research and development management, and better go out and face the international market

going out also means further close competition with international forklift giants such as Toyota and Linde. Different from domestic forklift enterprises, heli rejected all export OEM production and shouldered the banner of Chinese independent brands and national brands. In the domestic market, at present, some high-end products of Heli have replaced imports, but most of the high-end market is still controlled by foreign brands, especially in the international market

"the high-end market share is not enough. In addition to the objective factors that multinational enterprises are more accustomed to centralized procurement at headquarters, it is more important that there is still a gap in the technology and service of domestic forklifts." Zhang Dejin is still dissatisfied with the current joint force. "Our hardware level has reached the world-class level. From the appearance, the plant, equipment, process equipment and even the products appear to be serious, but not enough."

after rigorous self-examination, Zhang Dejin believes that the key to breaking through depends on the "soft power" of the enterprise. The lack of "soft power" of resultant force includes: insufficient innovation ability in products and technology; The gap of management level in foreign countries is larger than that of technology; Informatization has not achieved the full coverage of "three streams in one"; In terms of corporate culture, the imported excellent corporate philosophy, core values and norms have not really been implemented

how to solve the problem of soft power? The key is to put people first and improve people's quality and ability in an all-round way. "In previous years, we invested more in production lines and technology research and development. In the future, we will invest more in employees, from improving employees' wages and benefits to further providing more learning opportunities." Zhang Dejin said, "together, we should put the people-oriented concept into practice, and implement the code of conduct from the decision-making level to senior executives and to each employee.

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