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Team cooperation challenges the limit, climb Tianzi mountain and climb the peak together

China industrial control industrial control information team cooperation challenges the limit, climb Tianzi mountain and climb the peak together -- a one-day trip to Qingyuan by Mornsun (Guangzhou jinshengyang)

everyone knows that it is the beginning of winter, and the weather in Guangzhou is also cooler. All the staff of jinshengyang set foot on the Qingyuan outing with vigor and vitality

along the way, the staff can be equipped with bending workers with different diameters. They sit in several buses, singing and laughing, leaving our happy footprints along the way

the tourism rules will be adjusted, including Bijia mountain exploration, cruise lunch, Tianzi mountain waterfall, etc

on Bijia mountain, Jin Shengyang's employees lined up in a long line. You helped me, I helped you, and encouraged each other to overcome one difficulty after another, such as walking a steel wire, a cable bridge, a single wooden bridge, and so on. With everyone's joint efforts, they quickly completed the task and arrived at the destination. The employees looked at the mountains they crossed and cheered. This is the result of the teamwork of our Jin Shengyang employees, and the strength of unity is huge

after a tired morning, the employees came to the cruise ship with excitement, watching the scenery and tasting the special food

in the afternoon, we set out in the direction of Tianzi waterfall on Tianzi mountain. We sang all the way. The employees rushed to the top of the mountain. The spectacular Tianzi waterfall on the top of the mountain excited everyone, and everyone took a group photo in front of the waterfall

the happy day is over, and everyone is on the way home. Although the time is short, it has left us unforgettable laughter and memories. We will bring this passion to our work and create a more brilliant tomorrow for Jin Shengyang

our ^-^

photos of the top of the mountain of the son of heaven

cruise lunch

2. If there is a long time after the experiment without the machine, "pay attention to safety and climb carefully"

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