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Analysis of the situation of China's printing industry (2)

4 At the same time, the above data also let us know the focus of market demand in the three years after the tenth five year plan. In addition to economic development in the East, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hebei, Shandong and other places, the three northeastern provinces and the western region have also been included in the scope of key development. The guiding opinions make the printing industry in a situation of total volume, structure, strong regulation, scientific planning and obvious efficiency increase

from the implementation of the first two years of the Tenth Five Year Plan of the printing machine industry, the development of the printing industry has provided a huge market for the printing machine manufacturing industry. According to the statistics of relevant departments, the number of books and newspapers in China in 2001 increased by 13.25% over 2000, of which newspaper printing increased by 17.4%; Packaging and printing increased by 12%. In the future, Bayer will focus on promoting two major trends in the development of polyurethane pipe insulation technology. In 2002, the total printed pages of books and newspapers were 1630. 2.1 billion printing sheets, equivalent to 377 paper consumption. 950000 tons, with an increase of 1 over the previous year. Among them, the paper consumption of newspapers accounted for 64. 96%。 This shows that the printing machine manufacturing industry continues to develop with the development of the printing industry, showing a prosperous scene. As a sunrise industry in China, the printing machine manufacturing industry has witnessed a boom in production and sales in the past two years. Beiren group company, Shanghai Gauss, Shanghai Ziguang, Shanghai Zihong, Shanghai Guanghua, Yahua, shenweida, Jiangxi Zhongjing and other enterprises increased their annual sales by double digits, with some increasing by 20% and the production and sales volume reaching 90%. Among them, beiren group sold 1200 sheet fed offset presses (single, double and four-color) in 2001 and 1400 in 2002; In 2001, 82 web offset presses were sold, and in 2002, 103 were sold; Shanghai Gauss sold 252 color decks of offset printing machines in 2001 and 355 color decks annually; Shanghai Guanghua sold 415 sheet fed offset presses (single, double and four-color) in 2001 and 640 in 2002; Jiangxi Zhongjing sold 1200 color groups of offset printing machines in 2001 and 1500 color groups in 20. Shanghai Ziguang sold 10 paperback linkage lines, 47 horse riding staplers and more than 200 disc pack machines in 2002. In 2002, the sales revenue of 42 printing equipment manufacturing enterprises was nearly 3.8 billion yuan, and all major economic indicators reached a record high. In the first half of 2003, the printing machine industry developed well. It can be predicted that in the three years after the tenth five year plan, the printing machine manufacturing industry has broad prospects for development. Although there is still a certain gap with the international advanced level, it can meet the international diversified and all-round needs. China's post press equipment has a strong market in Southeast Asia and surrounding countries, and some products are often highly competitive internationally. The export of industrial products in 2002 showed the following characteristics:

1 The region is expanding (from the original Southeast Asia to occasional countries): the varieties of exports are increasing (from post press equipment such as paper cutters and die cutters to areas with relatively high technical content such as offset printing and flexo printing)

2. The export team is expanding (from beiren, Shangren, Yingkou, etc., who originally entered the international market earlier, to Zhongjing group. Shaanxi innovation has become a new engine to drive development. Beiren, Beifu, Huaguang, Guanghua, Weihai, Huainan and other new forces). The export quota is increasing. In 2002, the export delivery value of the whole industry was 219.5 billion yuan, an increase of 10018% over the same period. The amount of foreign exchange earned from exports increased by 80.5% over the same period. Shanghai printing and packaging company's export delivery time and export foreign exchange earning amount account for 87% and 92% of the whole industry respectively. The number of joint ventures and the high starting point of products are important reasons for the rapid development of Shanghai. Gauss large newspaper printing machine has a very good export momentum, and its foreign exchange earning volume ranks first in the industry. In the first quarter of 2003, the comprehensive index of major economic benefits of enterprises reached 150%. In the first quarter, the export delivery value of the printing machine industry completed 198.79 million yuan, 16% compared with the same period last year, of which the self operated export earned foreign exchange completed 22.01 million dollars, an increase of 67.8% compared with the same period last year, indicating that the printing machine industry has achieved initial results in actively exploring the international market. Enterprises with good sales revenue in the first quarter of 2003 include Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Gauss printing equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guanghua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhongjing Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ziguang Machinery Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yahua Printing Machinery Co., Ltd., Shaanxi beiren printing machine Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Changsheng Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd Shanghai Ziming Machinery Co., Ltd. In 2003, relying on scientific and technological progress, Shaanxi beiren created high-quality products and famous brands, and played a huge development potential in the field of rouao, and the product development continued to hit a record high. (in 2003, more than 10 new types of impact energy development, such as double receiving and double releasing unit gravure printing machine and large format gravure coating machine, appeared in Shaanxi), domestic manufacturers with the most complete eight startup varieties, such as Yingkou Guanhua offset printing machine factory, dare to push their products into the European and American markets to compete with developed countries in market share; The first private enterprise fleet in the industry; Lianqiang group has a strong development trend (at present, Lianqiang has expanded from 4 sponsors to 7 powerful enterprises); Shanghai shenweida's "China's first knife" aims at Bora international famous brands and strives to catch up with them, which makes us firmly believe that the take-off day of China's printing machine industry will soon come

pursue high goals to develop the printing machine industry

2003 was indeed a very unusual year. Under the leadership of the Party Central Committee and through the joint efforts of the people of the whole country, great victory was achieved in the fight against SARS, and gratifying remarkable results were also achieved in economic and social development. China's printing machine industry, like all walks of life across the country, has not affected the development of enterprises in the face of the sudden SARS, but has maintained the steady and rapid growth of various economic and technical indicators of the industry, reaching a new record (see Table 1)

Table 1: summary of main economic indicators of 42 backbone enterprises in the industry

index name calculation unit: year-on-year (±%) in 2003, 2002, 2001, the current price of the total industrial output value was 10000 yuan

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