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Sitco hitco supplies 777 aircraft tail rib chords to Boeing group recently, the SGL Group – the carbon company, the world's leading manufacturer of carbon graphite materials and related products, announced that its subsidiary hitco carbon composites signed a supply V-belt with Boeing civil aircraft group for pulling. 1. Electronic tensile testing machine is divided into tensile test, pressure test Zigzag experiment, shear experiment, 90 peel experiment, 180 peel experiment, deflection experiment, change experiment, fatigue experiment, tear experiment, stiffness experiment, ring stiffness experiment, static stiffness experiment, process experiment, bursting experiment, puncture experiment, cycle experiment, safety experiment, long-term experiment, high temperature experiment, low temperature experiment, high and low temperature experiment, protective experiment, restrictive experiment, impact experiment, ball drop experiment, hardness experiment Bonding strength test, bolt tensile test, bonding force tensile test, sealing strength test, bonding strength test, etc; How is the tensile strength test sampled? The contract will provide the tail rib chords for Boeing 777 aircraft

anthony Lawson, President of hitco, said, "hitco is very happy to receive the order for the tail rib chord products of Boeing civil aircraft group 777 aircraft. We are deeply honored to have the full trust of Boeing and will be able to complete the task of providing high-quality composite components for the 777 project."

hitco will manufacture this batch of composite components in accordance with the "Boeing 5317 standard" at the Gardiner plant in California, USA. at the same time, professional production workshops will be used for production, and the power required by the electro-hydraulic resonance change fatigue testing machine is only # 46. Hitco has passed the component audit of the product and has started production

hitco carbon fiber composite company has previously provided a number of composite components to other Boeing models, and has also participated in the Boeing C-17 military transport aircraft project. Hitco has been cooperating with Boeing group for more than half a century. In 2008, hitco was also rated as one of Boeing's 11 "excellent suppliers of the year" for major components

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