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Sitime launched the industry's most powerful differential oscillator

the industry's first differential oscillator product with a frequency stability of 10ppm and a phase jitter of only 500 femtoseconds. It is preferred for telecommunications, storage and networking applications

analog semiconductor company sitime Corporation recently launched the industry's most powerful differential oscillator with a frequency stability of 10ppm and a phase jitter of only 500 femtoseconds, At present, only sitime has achieved the perfect combination of these two items in the market. Sit9121 and sit9122 series MEMS oscillators are targeted at high-performance telecommunications, storage and networking applications, such as core and edge routers, SATA, SAS, fibre channel host bus adapters, cloud storage, servers, wireless base stations and 10G Ethernet switches. These two new products can be completely customized according to customer specifications and needs, and delivery is also guaranteed by the shortest lead time in the industry. In addition, each product supports the industry standard pin configuration. Without modifying the design or layout method, it can timely control the experimental process, display the experimental force and experimental curve for the computer, and operate simply and reliably. Replace the existing quartz differential oscillator

the traditional differential oscillator based on traditional quartz, saw and overtone resonance technology is inherently deficient in stability and reliability. Piyush sevalia, vice president of marketing at sitime, said that the new sit912x series differential oscillator uses the capture and chemical conversion of sico2, which is of great significance. Time analog CMOS and all silicon MEMS technology research and development are the only products that perfectly combine ultra-high performance and programmable functions. Our breakthrough products make traditional oscillators obsolete, and accelerate the popularity of MEMS oscillators in the electronic industry

sit912x series includes the following products:

sit9121: ultra high performance differential oscillator (MHz)

sit9122: ultra high performance, high frequency differential oscillator (MHz)

sit912x MEMS differential oscillator has the following functions and advantages:

only 500 femtosecond RMS depends on whether the brand and after-sales service are formal and perfect phase jitter (12khz to 20MHz), meeting the stringent requirements of SONET and other applications

the total frequency stability is 10, 25 and 50ppm, The system timing margin is better

the frequency range is extremely wide: sit9121 frequency range is 1 to 220mhz, sit9122 frequency range is 220 to 650MHz

programmable frequency accuracy reaches six decimal places, ensuring the highest performance of the system

LVPECL and LVDS signal levels are adjustable

through 50000g impact and 70g vibration resistance tests, MTBF (mean time between failure) reaches 500million hours, and it is preferred for high stability applications

working voltage 2.5V 3.3V

support industrial (-40 to +85 C) and long-term commercial (-20 to +70 C) operating temperature range

industry standard pin specification 5.0x3.2mm, 7.0x5.0mm package

samples will be delivered within 48 hours, and the production lead time is only 3 to 5 weeks

sit9121 and sit9122 differential oscillators will start sample delivery in November 2011, and batch delivery is planned in February 2012. On demand pricing

parameter specification table: and extremely high data show stability

about sitime

sitime Corporation is an analog semiconductor chip design company focusing on providing all silicon MEMS clock solutions to replace traditional quartz products. With 85% market share and 75million product shipments, sitime aims to achieve the full popularization of all silicon clock technology in the $5billion clock market

sitime solutions can be customized, which can encourage customers to further optimize the functions of their electronic products, reduce product size and improve product reliability. The rich supporting functions and flexible customization of the sitime solution ensure that customers can reduce costs and speed up the product development and marketing cycle while consolidating their own supply chain. Under the dual guarantee of standard semiconductor manufacturing process and high-yield plastic packaging technology, sitime has the strongest supply capacity and the shortest lead time in the industry

many leading-edge manufacturers have benefited from the advantages of sitime products and regard sitime as the smart timing choice (smart choice of clock technology)

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