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The status quo of docking and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan machinery industry

the status quo of docking and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan machinery industry

1 the scale of Taiwan investment in Fujian machinery industry continues to expand

since the first Taiwan funded enterprise in Fujian settled in Zhangzhou in 1981, the scale of Taiwan investment in Fujian has expanded day by day. By the end of 2008, Fujian has approved nearly 10000 Taiwan funded projects, and Taiwan investment of US $10.8 billion has entered Fujian, and the docking effect of Fujian and Taiwan industries has further emerged. Under the influence of Taiwan investment, Fujian's three major industries of electronics, machinery and petrochemicals have continued to grow, contributing 41.1% to the growth of added value of industries above Designated Size, becoming a veritable pillar of Fujian's industrial economy. The three leading industries steadily launched another as pulse intermittent conditioning exhibition, with a total added value of 70.788 billion yuan, an increase of 23.1%. Among them, the added value of the electronics, machinery and petrochemical industries was 19.219 billion yuan, 32.612 billion yuan and l.8957 billion yuan, an increase of 30.7%, 26.5% and 10.8% respectively. The machinery industry used Taiwan capital to surpass the other two leading industries for the first time, showing a steady growth trend

2 the level of cooperation in the docking of machinery industry between Fujian and Taiwan has been continuously improved

the cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan machinery industry has been expanding in scale and field, and the content of cooperation has not achieved the development from the initial labor-intensive industry to the capital technology market intensive industry, which has driven Taiwan's upstream and downstream associated enterprises to invest in Fujian, and initially formed a relatively concentrated machinery industry agglomeration and scale effect. For example, in 1996, after Ernan (Fujian) Automobile Industry Co., Ltd., the largest joint venture automobile project on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, settled in Qingkou, a large number of Taiwan funded automobile supporting manufacturers came in one after another. Qingkou automobile's steel bar zigzag testing machine was developed according to the national standard metal zigzag testing method (gb232 (8), and the industry chain began to gradually extend and improve, becoming the industry with the highest industrial agglomeration and the longest industrial chain in the machinery industry. Another example is that in 2009, more than 100 machinery enterprises in Taiwan will move to the "Taiwan Machinery Industrial Park" in Fuqing City as a whole. Fujian can take advantage of the opportunity of Taiwan's overall industrial transfer to accelerate the development of equipment manufacturing industry and build an advanced manufacturing base on the West Bank of the Taiwan Strait. In addition, by holding the China International Investment and trade fair, the cross strait economic and trade fair, the China Fujian project results fair, and the cross strait machinery and electronic commodities fair in Fujian for several consecutive years, the docking of the machinery industry between Fujian and Taiwan has been further promoted towards specialization, high-grade, and high-tech. Fujian Province held a cross strait equipment manufacturing project matchmaking conference in Fuzhou in 2009. 247 enterprises issued a purchase order of

1.6 billion US dollars to Taiwan, and 23586 mechanical equipment will be purchased from Taiwan. Fujian's large procurement list to Taiwan will also bring profit opportunities to Taiwan machinery enterprises

3 Fujian has determined the key points for the docking of machinery industry between Fujian and Taiwan to do compulsory manufacturing

the Fujian provincial government's special plan for the docking of industries between Fujian and Taiwan during the 11th Five Year Plan and its implementation opinions in 2006 proposed that the docking of machinery industries between Fujian and Taiwan is carried out by Fuzhou Qingkou automobile and parts, Xiamen automobile city, Xiamen Engineering machinery, Fu'an electric machinery and other production bases, as well as the progress of plastic granulator technology, which is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. Taiwan Machinery Industrial Park established along the coast of Fujian is the carrier, Promote the cooperation of automobile, ship, aircraft maintenance, engineering machinery, electrical equipment, environmental protection equipment, industrial machinery and basic machinery, and build a competitive characteristic equipment manufacturing industry. The docking direction and focus of Fujian Taiwan machinery industry are: Automobile and parts industry, electrical and electrical industry, shipbuilding industry, industrial machinery

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