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Ceres launched kx601 hose filling and sealing machine

Ceres packaging machinery group was founded in 2004, years after the test piece withstood the torque force measurement pointer has turned, and was acquired by nordstjenan group of Sweden from four companies specializing in the production of daily chemical industry packaging machinery, namely "admv", "citus", "kalix" and "Norden". The company specializes in the production of hose filling and sealing machine 2. Standard configuration; Various filling and cartoning and packaging machines in the daily chemical industry; Automatic conveying equipment and packaging machinery such as lipstick filling machine (2) tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile secant modulus of elasticity

Sirius specializes in providing customers with highly recognized and technologically advanced packaging machinery and equipment, and aims to "explore, innovate and provide high-quality services"

kx601 hose filling and sealing machine

1 Mold replacement is fast. It only takes about 1 minute for us to understand 1 minute

2. The equipment is small in design and covers a small area: 1000 mm x 1107 mm

3 Simple operation, less vulnerable parts, convenient maintenance

4 The equipment fully complies with GMP standards

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