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Siri is not smart enough? Apple acquires AI start-ups

according to geekwire, apple quietly spent about $200million to acquire an AI start-up headquartered in Seattle. But that doesn't mean Siri will be smarter - at least not yet

an apple spokesman told fortune in a statement: "Apple will acquire some smaller technology companies from time to time, but usually it will not discuss the acquisition purpose or related plans."

it was founded in the Allen Institute of artificial intelligence in 2017, which is a start-up business incubator founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. With the help of the technology that the system will not work normally after the transmission hydraulic oil is polluted, the equipment can call local or cloud chipsets to respond to the request sent by artificial intelligence. Its technology can also be used to achieve other functions, including improving image quality by eliminating image noise and reducing blur

at present, most intelligent systems rely on cloud servers to realize the function of artificial intelligence assistants. These servers can recognize the needs of artificial intelligence, check and compare visual requirements, and send instructions back to the requesting device. For example, when Siri is asked to turn off the light, the request will be sent to Apple's cloud server through the network. After the server interprets it, it will send instructions to the software to turn off the light. Ideally, the above process can be completed in only a few milliseconds, but it is still slow and will consume battery life

Ken yere, head of emerging device technology at strategy analytics, a research company, said that Apple's acquisition reflects the development direction of intelligent artificial intelligence

he said: "Ai localization has become an industry trend, and Google and Samsung are fully promoting this work. Qualcomm's latest Xiaolong chip also focuses on this."

but this does not mean that acquisition can make Siri more intelligent. Ye Er said that although the company's technology may improve Siri's latency, it cannot improve Siri's processing power or accuracy

yere believes that Apple will use AI technology to analyze photos taken by users and improve imaging quality through real-time optimization. According to the verge, the character detection function, which was recently used to drive wyze cheap cameras, was stopped in January last year, according to valdema cannero Leon, Brazilian ambassador to China

despite this, with the technology provided, apple can easily enhance the attractiveness of iPhone to consumers. Yere said that in the regular survey of consumers by stradtegy analytics, the camera quality has always ranked among the top three functions that consumers care about most. "As long as we can improve the photographic effect, we can increase sales," he said

generally speaking, it takes about 18 months to integrate new chipsets. Yere believes that since the new iPhone will be released in September, it should be too late to add XNOR technology to Apple products this year. But yere believes that this technology will be used in iPhone, iPad and other products released next year. (Fortune Chinese)

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