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Sister's wedding, sister generously gave 20000, three years of no contact, met on the street, sister turned and ran away


29 year old Peizhen is finally getting married, she and her boyfriend have been in love for five years, the two work together, the relationship is consistent, after buying the house, the two get married

Peizhen is very good-looking. There were many male classmates chasing her in those years, but Peizhen is a good girl who listens to her teachers' parents. Her husband is her first love, and she has never been in love before

the husband's hometown is in a small county, and the conditions at home are not good, but this does not affect their feelings at all

Peizhen also has a sister named Peishan, and her family calls her second sister. The second sister is 4 years younger than her. She has been lively and talkative since childhood. When Peizhen got married, her second sister had a boyfriend for a year

however, this boyfriend is ten years older than her, divorced, opened a small company, and has some money, but she has no culture or appearance. In fact, the second younger sister doesn't like her brother-in-law, and always persuades Peizhen that with your appearance and personality, you can find a better one, elder sister. He has no money, and you will suffer if you follow him

at first, Peizhen would explain, but in the end, she didn't say it anymore, because she found that her second sister had changed, and in the past, she had become so simple and naive that she became vain and competitive

indeed, she found a rich boyfriend. She bought a pair of shoes worth thousands of yuan without blinking her eyes. When she went in and out of high-end restaurants, her second sister would often be complacent. Finally, she said that her sister was too stupid to find a man, and she was not sure to live in poverty in the future


on Peizhen's wedding day, the positioning was inaccurate, and the second sister generously sent 20000 red envelopes. Of course, the money was not hers, but finding a rich boyfriend. The benefits of doing so could not only prolong the service life, but also reduce the test error. At that time, the second sister had no work, and all her food and clothing depended on her rich boyfriend

not only does Peizhen not support this relationship, but also her parents don't recognize it. The main reason is that the other party doesn't really treat her second sister, but the second sister doesn't listen. Finally, she says that Peizhen is jealous of her

after Peizhen got married, the second younger sister went out of town with her boyfriend. Not long later, the second younger sister also got married. Of course, she married her boyfriend, but her relationship with her parents also became very stiff

after getting married, the second sister never went back to her mother's home. At first, Peizhen was worried about her sister and often took the initiative to contact, but this mainly depended on the overall level of the company, but the second sister showed intentional alienation

my sister has to work hard for life every day and repay her mortgage every month. She dares not to have children because of great pressure. Even if she is wronged at work, she dares not to change her job and has to endure everything

but the two younger sisters are different. After marriage, they are full-time wives. They watch TV, do yoga and do beauty every day

two people live very different lives. Naturally, the second sister wants to alienate her sister

three years have passed, and the two sisters have not contacted in these three years. In fact, Peizhen has sent messages, but she has not replied. She can't see the dynamics of the second sister's freedom lumbar artificial intervertebral disc (Figure 6) in her circle of friends. Everyone has their own life. Peizhen also understands that it's OK to think about not contacting. As long as the second sister lives her own life, it's enough to be happy every day


three years later, the two sisters met in the street, but the second sister saw her sister Peizhen and turned around and ran away the next second

that day, Peizhen was traveling with her husband and mother-in-law. When the family was wandering in the street, she met her like this

the reason why the second sister turned and ran away was that she didn't want to be seen by her sister because she didn't live well. After marriage, she did live a noble life, but it was a flash in the pan

she was divorced three months after her son was born, and her husband didn't want her. At that time, she hadn't worked for five years

the man had a little conscience and gave a card, but there was not much money on the card. The second sister couldn't believe that she had encountered such a thing. Naturally, she didn't dare to go back to her mother's house. She didn't want to be known by others, including her parents and her sister

seeing that the money on the card was getting less and less, and she couldn't even find a job... She remembered that her sister was too stupid to find a poor husband, and she had to work hard. Unlike her being raised, she wanted to slap herself

seeing the back of the second sister running away in a panic, Peizhen probably guessed what happened, hurriedly called but no one answered, and then sent a message to the second sister... One or two...

seeing the ring, one or two messages were sent, and the second sister burst into tears... But she could only watch, dare not reply, dare not answer... (picture source)

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