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Sita enables Mexican Airlines chat robot to query baggage location in real time

figure: Sita enables Mexican Airlines chat robot to query baggage location in real time Sita provides figure

Mexican Airlines has become the first airline in the world to integrate Sita world tracker baggage tracking service with passenger chat robot. Using advanced artificial intelligence, air Mexico can provide efficient services through chat robots to answer passengers' inquiries related to baggage location

air Mexico is a well-known international airline, with an annual passenger transport volume of 22million passengers, and flights to 93 destinations, including 50 expensive international routes on three continents. Air Mexico is known for its excellent customer service. The company's chat robot, called aerobot, provides services on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, which is popular with passengers. At present, aerobot can handle more than 90% of customer inquiries on the above platforms

now, aerobot can also help passengers of air Mexico locate their luggage through Sita world tracker. Sita worldtracker is the only global baggage tracking and matching system. Passengers only need to enter the baggage information, and aerobot can connect it to the world tracker to check the latest status of the lost baggage without manual intervention

Edouard Piquet, senior vice president of customer experience of air Mexico in accordance with the spin off plan, said that air Mexico was committed to providing passengers with more comfortable and practical services. The integration of Sita Services helps to strengthen our services, respond to passengers quickly and efficiently and help them find their luggage as soon as possible. With this technology, we will become the first airline in the world to provide misplaced baggage assistance through WhatsApp. Passengers can check the baggage status in real time through aerobot, which is the result of our continuous efforts to provide excellent services for passengers

development history of Sita Mexico and Central America chairman urieltorres said that Mexican Airlines was the first airline to use artificial intelligence to provide Sita world tracker services through customer chat robots to improve luggage services. Using sit aworld tracker API, this service can be quickly and easily integrated to provide the latest available data for chat robots. We expect that more international airlines will adopt our AI baggage service technology to improve the passenger experience in the future

passengers all over the world are willing to use technology to improve their journey experience. The recently released Sita 2019 passenger it insight shows that passengers have higher and higher requirements for baggage service, and efficient baggage service can significantly improve passenger satisfaction. Most of the passengers interviewed said that they would use notification to obtain information about baggage at the time of arrival, track baggage or report improper baggage handling

sita is a global leader in baggage management, providing baggage tracking and tracking services. Its services are widely used by major airports around the world. As the only global baggage tracking system, 11) the maximum spacing between the lower fixture and the upper fixture should be: not less than 700mm; According to the system, world tracker can match lost and found bags. It can help airlines and ground staff find and return the lost luggage as soon as possible. Its API provides seamless network service interface for customers who want to build their own applications. At present, Sita world tracker is being used by ground staff of more than 500 airlines and more than 2800 airports around the world

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