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SISE hot runner temperature control equipment of France appeared in Chinaplas 2009

SISE was founded in wayona, France (between Lyon and Geneva) in 1971. SISE designs, produces and sells products mainly used in the injection mold industry. SISE has a 60% market share of the French hot runner system mold temperature control box all year round. It has 1000 sets of staged injection molding control systems operating all over the world

on the first day of Chinaplas 2009 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, Mr. Gu Chaoyang, an engineer of SISE Shenzhen agent Jinqilin thermite gap widening runner accessories Co., Ltd., was interviewed

sis has been participating in the elegant exhibition in China since 2006. This exhibition brought the world series integrated temperature control box, 8 series "one card two position" integrated temperature control box, that is, the two zone mold temperature control box, the M series multi zone temperature control box, and the is' basic series timing controller, that is, the sequential injection molding control system. According to Gu Chaoyang, the world series is "specially designed for the Chinese market", which is a micro information processor based on single point temperature control in hot runner control applications

Mr. Gu introduced the temperature control products in the exhibition, "The world series and 8 series temperature control boxes are the latest new products launched by SISE. The design of the world series is based on a little temperature control and is specially designed for the Chinese market. The 8 series adopts a one card two position design to save space. It is designed for injection molding applications with few points, and is especially suitable for the automotive and technical injection molding industry. These two latest series can automatically convert from automatic mode to manual mode in case of temperature failure. M series needles For the application of multi zone control in the mold, 16 Amp and 5 AMP combined temperature control cards are used, which are suitable for automotive, technical parts, packaging, medical and other industries. "

"the micro information processor used by SISE equipment is compatible with all standard central processors." Gu added, "SISE is a unique representative in the temperature control industry. SISE products have accurate temperature control and can accurately monitor the operation status of molds. The win 'SISE software developed by SISE is specially used for the information exchange between SISE hot runner temperature control box and mold temperature machine. It can carry out integrated PC management of injection molding temperature control system and provide a highly integrated temperature control scheme, so that customers can produce compounds harmful to human body, and experience' sitting in office and every home ' Institutions have their own research focus room to control the whole temperature system 'feeling. "

when asked about the design concept and characteristics of SISE temperature control equipment, Mr. Gu emphasized, "The biggest feature of our product design is the pursuit of accurate temperature control, so that the temperature fluctuates a few tenths of a degree above and below the melting point of the plastic, which can very well restore the characteristics of the plastic itself. Our concept is to 'add SISE's understanding of the characteristics of the plastic itself' to the temperature control products. From the 1970s to today, SISE has a 60% to 70% market share of the French hot runner system mold temperature control box market, and has established a huge market share User group, we provide us with rich feedback information through this huge front-line user group, and integrate this information into the next stage of product design, so as to truly "be the equipment that customers need."

in view of the current shrinking situation of the global manufacturing industry, Mr. Gu said, "at present, SISE global and SISE Shenzhen office have been greatly affected by the financial tsunami. The main reason is that the customer demand for foreign high-end products has decreased." As for the countermeasures, he said, "SISE is mainly using agents to sell profits to expand more Chinese market. With high-performance products and more friendly prices, it will win more Chinese customers. Therefore, it will continue to participate in many exhibitions, and I hope you will pay more attention to our products."

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