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Siping solid energy storage electric boiler factory

.How should heat metering users pay? The way of paying heat fees after the implementation of heat metering transformation is different from the way of charging according to area Same. If a heating unit implements heating metering and charging for residential buildings, it shall first charge according to the current heating charge according to the residential area before the heating period begins. Liquidation shall be carried out after the end of the heating period. When the heat fee measured by heating is lower than that charged according to the residential area, it shall be charged according to the heat fee measured by heating, and the excess heat fee paid by users shall be deducted by the heating unit when collecting the heat fee of the next heating period; When the heat charge measured by heating is higher than that charged according to the residential area, the heat charge calculated according to the residential area shall be charged

Jilin Rui Ke Hans Electric Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of high and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, electrical components, electric heating equipment and photovoltaic equipment. It is a company integrating R & D, production Sales can quickly reduce the total unit cost to 1936 yuan per ton. It is sold as an integrated electrical equipment enterprise with a registered capital of 50million yuan and an annual output value of nearly 500million yuan

the company's products mainly include semiconductor electric boilers, energy storage electric boilers, direct heating electric boilers, 10kV solid heat storage electric boilers, high and low voltage switchgear, electrical fire equipment, multifunctional power instruments, energy consumption management systems, photovoltaic power generation, environmental protection storage batteries, new energy, etc., which are widely used in industrial electric heating, civil electric heating, urban heat exchange, power systems and other fields

how to handle the procedures of heating suspension? Users who meet the conditions for heating suspension should apply in writing to the management unit of the heating group before September 20 of each year. After confirmation, both parties sign the agreement on heat suspension, and then the management unit will take measures to stop heating

since its establishment, the company has rapidly developed into a production-oriented enterprise with independent research and development and independent production of electrical intelligent equipment. In 2015, the company won the honor of high-tech enterprise, and has obtained more than 30 invention patents and new utility patents over the years. In the future, it will gradually develop towards intelligent electrical equipment and integration of software and hardware, become an intelligent power equipment manufacturing enterprise with comprehensive strength, and create the first brand of new energy application. At present, the company has two production bases, Kalun industrial north zone and Shuangyang Economic Development Zone, covering a total area of 60000 square meters

the company was successfully listed on the new third board on October 27, 2016, code: 839768. At present, the company has a number of core patented technologies and independent intellectual property rights. The company will rely on leading technological advantages, modern enterprise management experience, and the advanced concept of "green, energy saving and environmental protection" to produce high-quality, energy-saving and environmental friendly green electrical products for customers, and strive to achieve technological breakthroughs in electrical environmental protection, intelligence and new energy

why don't you charge the heating fee first? Because the water, electricity, gas, labor, maintenance and other expenses required for heating need to be paid in advance, which is not generated after heating, there will be a time agreement for paying the heating fee. From May 1 to December 31 of each year, the heat user shall pay the heating fee of this heating season (November 15 of that year to March 15 of the next year) to the heating unit in full. If the payment is overdue or not paid in full, the overdue liquidated damages for the unpaid part will be charged from January 1 of the next year; Even users who have not signed a heating contract should fulfill their payment obligations based on the actual heating relationship

after years of efforts, the company has established a mature core management team, the size of the company is also expanding, and the operation shows a good growth trend. The company will continue to explore new regional markets in order to realize the development strategy of the national market and even the global market based on the northeast region

who will pay for changing the heating due to water leakage first depends on whether the heating facilities such as heating are still in the warranty period. According to the regulations, the construction unit and the manufacturer and distributor of heat dissipation equipment shall undertake the warranty of heating facilities within the warranty period. After the warranty period, the construction unit and the manufacturer and distributor of heat dissipation equipment still have to bear the corresponding quality

on the basis of constantly improving its own technical level and development ability, the company will carry out all-round and in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, key universities and scientific research institutions, adhere to the enterprise policy of "integrity, pragmatism and innovation", and implement the enterprise cultural concept of "seeking development for the enterprise, seeking benefits for employees, and creating value for users", Continue to offer the products and services that the majority of users really need. Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the key to supporting the stable growth of the company. The company now has 750 employees, with a high-quality team that is brave in exploration and innovation, including more than 100 technicians, all of whom have professional titles of engineers or above, and all of whom are college graduates or above

nowadays, energy has become the core factor restricting the rapid economic development and environmental protection. Rec Hans has been committed to improving and improving customer experience, making every effort to build a large-scale intelligent complete equipment production base in Northeast China, leading the progress of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, encouraging "to become a first-class brand", and firmly undertaking the historical mission of "creating a safe, green and beautiful new electrical life"

"either way, it still needs the government's phased support policies to encourage exploration." Wen Chengjun said that from the perspective of economics, because environmental pollution, especially air pollution, has externalities, everyone benefits from improvement and suffers from deterioration, but individuals and enterprises have no economic incentive to carry out environmental protection, and the market mechanism does not play a positive role, so the government needs to carry out external intervention to better promote innovative development and green development., According to reports, in northern areas, urban central heating is more common, but central heating is only in the operation pipe. Where does the heat source come from? Most of them come from cogeneration thermal power plants in cities. If it is mainly heating, electricity is a by-product. If there is more heating at night, more electricity is also wasted; If power generation is the main business and heat supply is the sideline business, in the evening, because it is the valley period, we dare not generate more power and supply less heat at the same time., "High grade electric energy is directly used to convert low-grade heat energy for heating, which has been regarded as a waste in the industry because of its large contraction." Wen Chengjun said that electric heating can be appropriately promoted and applied as a supplement to the mainstream heating mode of cogeneration central heating. However, the long-distance transportation of central heating, extensive management, running, emitting, dripping and leaking, uneven heating and cooling of users, and huge waste., "Because the HVAC design code has restrictions on the application of electric heating, electric heating cannot be promoted to a large number of mainstream industries." Wu Desheng, the president of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute, believes that the raw materials science plastic business will achieve a balance of revenue and expenditure by 2016, but his words changed, "electric heating is definitely a sunrise industry, its quality can be improved, and there is room for technology innovation. Electric heating also depends on the improvement of the construction industry. If there are more energy-saving buildings, the total load of heating electricity can be reduced, and it can be popularized on a large scale.", "Modern people have believed that it is necessary to spend money on health." In order to save money at present, using coal for heating, polluting the air and damaging health, and spending more money in the future, how should this account be calculated? When people choose, they are eager to enjoy it at present, but they can't see the long-term harm. They win warmth and lose health. Which is more important, immediate interests or long-term interests?, The relevant person of Jilin electric power company said that as a province rich in electric power resources, Jilin Province has an annual surplus of 40billion kwh, and the development of electric heating is not worried about lack of electricity. Moreover, a lot of wind power in Jilin Province can not be fully utilized. If it is used to promote electric heating, it can kill two birds with one stone. At present, the economy of electric heating for non resident users is relatively good. Residential users need to take further measures to improve the economy because of the long heating time and high heat consumption. It is a good choice to make profits by discarding wind power

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