The hottest April 23 domestic acetone market was s

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On April 23, the domestic acetone market rose steadily and the turnover was generally

on Monday (April 23), the domestic acetone market rose steadily and the turnover was generally

East China market: the price of acetone in East China market increased slightly. In Jiangsu Province, the axis is located in a straight line as far as possible. The basic use method of the electronic extensometer on the electronic universal testing machine is slightly raised to about 8050 yuan/ton, and the transaction price is yuan/ton. In the later stage, there are few imports to Hong Kong and the cost is high, so the market mentality has improved. Some quotations in Ningbo rose to about 8100 yuan/ton, and the transaction price was yuan/ton. There were basically no low-priced goods in the early stage, and the transaction was normal

South China market: the price of acetone in South China market rose, the quotation rose to about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction price was still 8600 yuan/ton. It is reported that the transaction price of the external market was relatively high recently. The traders were cautious and optimistic about the future market and were not in a hurry to ship. The downstream purchasing enthusiasm was not high, and the transaction situation was just the same

North China market: the acetone market in North China is stable, the quotation of traders around Yanshan is stable at yuan/ton, the transaction price is yuan/ton, the manufacturer's inventory is not large for the time being, the downstream purchasing mentality is calm, and the transaction is average

market trend analysis: Although the downstream demand has not been significantly improved, due to the great disparity between the external quotation and the domestic market price, some traders have gradually revealed their acquisition ideas, and the downward trend of market prices has been curbed. The port inventory has remained at a reasonable level, and the subsequent decline in the cost of goods is of little use. Some traders are cautious and optimistic in the future, Therefore, market participants believe that the import volume is limited and the cost is high in the later stage. It is expected that the acetone market will be stable and rising in the short term

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