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After buying a house, there is little money left in your pocket. Coupled with the later decoration, soft decoration and furniture, the financial situation of many families can be described as "ruined". There is 10% waste in home decoration, but if you focus on some details and make careful calculations, you can save a lot of decoration costs. Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network reminds the majority of decoration owners, especially working-class consumers, that they must master some practical decoration tips to save money

tips for saving money in decoration 1: saving money in waterproof engineering

now the cheapest price for waterproof engineering by the construction unit is about 60 yuan/square meter. Painting waterproof is actually a very simple thing. If the owner is careful enough, this work can be completed by himself. For a toilet with an area of 3 square meters, a bucket of waterproof material can be brushed twice, and a place close to the ground can be brushed three times, which is basically enough. It's just a drawback. Once there is a problem of water leakage, you can only bear the responsibility yourself

tips for saving money in decoration 2: how to save money on doors

there are many kinds of doors now, including solid wood doors, solid wood modeling doors, composite doors, paint free doors, cladding doors, etc. As an ordinary family, paper core door is OK. The paper core door has great bearing capacity and good sound insulation effect, which is basically about 400 yuan/box. And in the second decoration, the door is polished directly with sandpaper and sprayed with paint, which is the same as the new one

decoration money saving technique 3: ceramic tile money saving method

before decoration, it is necessary to clarify how many years the decoration is expected to take. If you plan to redecorate in five years, you won't have to pay so much when choosing building materials. If you choose tiles on this premise, there is no need to choose tiles costing hundreds of yuan per square meter. Some tiles costing 50 or 60 yuan are also of good quality. They can also meet people's visual requirements in terms of aesthetics, so you can save a lot of money

for example, when pasting tiles in the bathroom, people always want to make a waist line, which will be more beautiful. But the waistline is often very expensive. In fact, using your brain and changing ideas can also have the same effect. You can change the tiles at the main view point of the bathroom door into other colors, such as black, gold, etc., which can also highlight the jumping effect of the whole wall and save a lot of money

decoration money saving skill 4: cabinet money saving method

cabinet is a relatively expensive aspect of decoration. Some consumers believe that it is more economical to buy kitchen cabinets in a professional kitchen cabinet company, and then go to an electrical appliance store to buy range hoods, stoves, or a hardware store to buy a combination of sinks and taps. In fact, this method may not save money. Because if you buy it alone, you often can't enjoy the biggest discount from the business, and the kitchen cabinet company will charge additional installation fees and opening fees for it. Therefore, it's best to buy kitchen cabinets, range hoods, stoves, sinks and other kitchen supporting products together, which not only saves time and energy (this is also a money saving in another sense), but also can win the most affordable price from the business




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