Lean management and efficient progress

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From July 16 to 17, a two-day "lean management practice training and on-site diagnosis" was successfully held in the multifunctional hall on the fifth floor of Wangli group

from July 16 to 17, a two-day "lean management practice training and on-site diagnosis" was successfully held in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of Wangli group. Wangli business school invited Teacher Wang Ming of mindao consulting organization to give lectures, and managers from all industries and business divisions above the class leader participated in this learning and training

(Teacher Wang lectured)

Wang Shunda, vice president of Wang Li group, delivered a speech. He said that the purpose of this training is to reduce production management costs and operating costs, improve the internal execution of the organization, enable production managers to master various tools of lean management, and improve production and work efficiency. He hoped that all students would study hard, apply their knowledge and skills flexibly to the actual production management work, and constantly improve the production management level of the company

Mr. Wang deeply discussed the theory and practice of lean management from five aspects: the growth path of Chinese enterprises, the cognition of lean management, the management of people and things in lean management, and practical cases. He said, "what matches the lean management mode is the industrial stage of industry 3.0, while most manufacturing enterprises in China are still in the transition stage between industry 1.0 and industry 2.0, that is, between the experience management mode and the scientific management mode". Teacher Wang's profound professional knowledge and excellent and vivid speech won warm applause from the students

during the training, accompanied by the relevant person in charge, Mr. Wang visited Wang Li's security production workshop, Wang Li's high defense standard door production workshop, intelligent lock workshop, high defense armored door workshop, spoke highly of the company's scientific research and production strength, and put forward corresponding rectification suggestions on the deficiencies in production management




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