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1. We should not be greedy for petty gains. We should carefully choose reputable and powerful decoration companies or individuals, and respect the reasonable profits derived from their labor

2. Family decoration should have the procedure of cost budget: material cost, construction cost, management fee, profit, etc. should be clear, while decoration companies or construction teams without reputation, quality and service assurance often adopt the practice of "opening low and going high" to contract business

3. Reject materials as inferior. The materials on the quotation are inconsistent with those actually used, especially the use of fake and inferior materials at the grass-roots level to reduce costs. Or deliberately increase the material loss and increase the quantities in the name of loss. Before signing the contract, we should make clear the materials, construction procedures and service items we need, check the name, materials, quantity, practice, unit price and total price of the items listed in the quotation, and require the designer to provide the report of "material certificate of conformity". The detailed construction methods and material names shall be indicated on the construction drawings as annexes to the contract

4. Be alert to the leakage of engineering projects by selected decoration enterprises or individuals. They often take advantage of the fact that customers don't understand decoration, so they deliberately omit items in the construction project list, and add items and increase the quotation during the construction period. Indicate the increase or decrease of projects and other related matters, and must indicate the proportion of funds required for the increase of projects not proposed by the owner, which generally does not exceed 10%. Or agree on a lump sum price, and no more projects shall be added

5. Pay attention to the proportion of early payment when paying early fees, so that you can take the initiative. When paying the design deposit, it must be noted that "if the owner is not satisfied with the design scheme, the design deposit shall be refunded in full". Don't make a deposit by mistake when you pay the deposit

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