Tianzong city modern simple two room two hall deco

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Tianzongcheng community is located in panlongcheng Economic Development Zone, Huangpi District, with a superior geographical location. It is understood that a number of new houses in tianzongcheng community are about to be delivered this month, and many owners have been thinking about house decoration recently. Therefore, Wuhan Decoration Xiaobian takes the two bedroom and two hall house type of tianzongcheng as an example, and brings a set of modern simple decoration model rooms. If you need to know

community: Tianzong city (Group decoration of Tianzong city community)

house type: two bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: modern simplicity

decoration method: all inclusive

decoration amount: 100000-200000

decoration design: Black + white + gray has always been the most versatile decoration collocation, and in this materialistic decoration era, too many flashy decoration is just passing away, on the contrary, the most durable decoration is the simplest design, Therefore, this decoration does not use too many beautiful colors and exaggerated design shapes, which shows a comfortable and natural attitude towards life

[Tianzong city modern simple two bedroom and two hall decoration model room]

the above introduction is a set of simple style model room in Tianzong city. If you are just ready to decorate and have not selected the decoration style, you can directly go to Wuhan home decoration network for decoration bidding, leave your community name + contact information + decoration needs, and then you can immediately make an appointment with 3-4 Wuhan famous decoration companies to measure the room for free and offer a quotation plan





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