38W turns the four bedroom Vanke Century Flower Ci

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Community: Vanke Century Flower City (more Vanke Century Flower City renderings)

Room Type: 4 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom building area: 158 square meters decoration style: European neoclassical soft decoration price: 3.8W price includes: 0.9W curtain 0.9W + wallpaper 0.6W + other 1.4W soft decoration design: Roman art home accessories soft decoration Museum consultation method: QQ 1685513355, Mobile phone 15347059153

the bright red sofa in the living room symbolizes our warm love and adds a festive color to the wedding room. It is very warm when you see it? I accidentally bought this blue movable tea table online. I didn't expect that the blue is so deep. Fortunately, it's very eye-catching. It's purely regarded as a color contrast element

the sofa is purchased from a brand store of incredibly home. Its shape is novel and interesting, and its back is very comfortable. The glass coffee table is shaped in the opposite direction of the curve of the sofa, which makes it feel symmetrical

the super creative bar. We like to be lively. We like friends to come home often when they are busy. The feeling at home is very different from that outside. We still like the mood of having a drink at home. This set of rattan tables and chairs is also very versatile. It looks very cool in summer. When you wait until winter, you will feel warm with a warm cushion

there are some marble with jumping texture. In fact, if conditions permit, I would like to raise a few small fish here. Haha, but that's not suitable for home. The baby at home can't come to play with the water every day. The artificial cactus next to it is very big, and its color is also very light green. It's also good to put it in the window

the circular arc door is directly made on the original basis, which adds some flavor to the monotonous eaves. The main body of the home is still in the warm European style. The wall is directly painted with warm yellow paint, which is much more economical than wallpaper

when you enter the study, you know why we are mixed and matched as I said earlier. Half of the study is painted warm yellow, and the other half is sky blue. Cough, don't think we are not enough paint. Just thinking that the matching effect will be more outstanding. Sure enough, it's not bad. The storage space of the whole bookcase is really strong, even the chairs that are not used at ordinary times can be placed on it

the storage box is made of log color or light yellow, so that the color will not be too striking. Usually put some books you often read and some small collections you like





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