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Now, many people think that Feng Shui is a superstition. In fact, this view is too one-sided. Feng Shui is an evaluation system for home auspiciousness. It is an art of ancient Chinese geographical layout. It cannot be simply called superstition or science according to Western concepts

now, many people think that Feng Shui is a superstition. In fact, this view is too one-sided. Feng Shui is an evaluation system for home auspiciousness. It is an art of ancient Chinese geographical layout, and it cannot be simply called superstition or science according to Western concepts. Choosing the right geographical environment is a kind of knowledge. Now Meiao wardrobe teaches you how to decorate your home:

1. The living room should not be dark, which is not conducive to wealth

2. The floor should not be uneven, otherwise the fate will be bumpy

3. The fish tank should not be too large

4. It is not suitable to hang pictures of beasts in the living room: such as dragons, tigers, leopards, eagles, foxes, bears, etc., which are easy to damage the health and fortune of family members

5. Fake flowers and grass should not be placed in the house, which will affect love, marriage and wealth

6. Do not install a mirror at the head of the bed, which will affect your health

[the electric light bulb at home also has Feng Shui mystery]

1 The living room and the porch are Yang, and the lights in the living room should be high and bright enough to spread the lights throughout the living room

2. The bedroom is overcast, and the light in the bedroom should be soft

3. Children's rooms should be selected from the unique shape and lighting to arouse children's imagination

4. The kitchen belongs to fire, so it is advisable to use cold color white light

5. The toilet belongs to water, so warm light and yellow light should be used. 5. The balcony is made of gold and equipped with bright outdoor light wall lamps

[fish farming Feng Shui makes you rich]

1. The total number of fish purchased must be an odd number

2. There must be a dark black fish in a tank of fish to stabilize wealth

3. Seven fish are recommended for the number of fish

4. If the fish tank is next to the wall, photos of waterfalls and the sea can be hung on the wall. It symbolizes that the source of wealth is endless and difficult to measure

5. The fish tank should be placed in a dark place away from direct sunlight

[family Feng Shui Yin Qi is too heavy solution]

1. Always open windows: increase sunlight

2. Light a long light: turn on the light at home often to enhance the light, especially at 10-12 p.m. on the first and fifteenth days of each month, and light it at home for about 2 hours

3. Adjust the color: when decorating the house, use warm colors and positive colors

4. Invite more friends to get together at home: increase popularity and masculinity in Feng Shui at the same time

5. Clean up frequently and clean up dead corners in time

[bedroom taboo]

1 Lying in bed too close to the window is easy to cause red apricots to come out of the wall, and it is easy to cause dreaminess and affect sleep

2. Flowers should not be placed at the head of the bed, which is easy to have an affair and damage the relationship between husband and wife

3. Don't put a big mirror at the head of the bed. At the same time, indoor plants should choose large leaves and broad leaves, not small leaves, flowers and grass, which means trivial things will affect feelings

[raising 7 kinds of flowers and plants indoors will bring good luck in the year]

Fugui bamboo living room: the varieties suitable for the living room are Fugui bamboo, good luck, Penglai pine, seven leaf lotus, fortune tree, money tree, fortune tree, Clivia, orchid, cyclamen, orange, etc. These flowers contain the meaning of good luck and fortune. Fugui bamboo, also known as Wannian bamboo, has thick green leaves, vigorous growth and extensive cultivation. Generally, it is mostly used for family bottle planting or pot planting

[sofa Feng Shui]

there should be a solid wall behind the sofa, not doors, windows or channels. This pattern is called no backing, and the sofa has no backing. Psychologically, it will lack a sense of security. In Feng Shui, it is difficult to be prosperous. Don't hedge the sofa against the door, and don't have a beam on the top. Sofa decoration should be curved rather than straight, and there should be no spotlight on the top. In addition, there should be no mirrors in the front and back of the sofa, which is not conducive to the health of curtilage people

[Feng Shui hidden dangers that damage your health]

1 Garbage in front of the door, garbage at the door is also a money losing layout

2. The shoes in the small name hall (i.e. from the door to the porch) are misplaced - respiratory tract infection, and the sole of the shoes is stained with countless kinds of bacteria. If placed everywhere, it is tantamount to introducing bacteria into the house

3. Poor ventilation - emotional, respiratory tract infections

4. The focus is untidy - spleen and stomach

5. Sundries piled under the bed affect sleep

[geomantic omen at home entrance]

the location of the porch is messy, filled with sundries and shoes, which will make people feel uneasy and affect interpersonal and emotional relationships; And the shoe cabinet should be the first choice with sealed doors; At the gate is the Qi receiving position, which is equivalent to people's mouth. The so-called disease enters from the mouth. In this case, it is easy to have disputes with people, and Jiankang is vulnerable to aphthous ulcer

[Feng Shui - direction]

sitting inside the gate and facing outside the gate:

1, the gate faces west, which is easy to cause peach blossom rot, inattention, many distractions, many bad interests, and easy to cause villains to be wrong

2, the gate faces southeast, some people in the family are good at reading, and they are prosperous

3, the gate faces north, which is conducive to work, easy to be promoted, and those who do business are easy to get rich

4, the gate faces the northwest and benefits the military position

5, the gate faces the northeast, the effect is fast, and you get rich again

[eight plants considered to have the effect of suppressing demons and eliminating evil spirits]

1. Peach tree: expelling evil spirits, which is passed on as the essence of the five elements

2. Willow: exorcise evil spirits

3. Herba Typhae and mugwort leaves: expel toxins and evil spirits

4. Ginkgo tree: it is said that there is a spirit, and the talisman seal of the artist should be made of ginkgo wood carving

5. Cypress: spread energy to drive away demons, and plant more beside the tomb

6. Cornus: can avoid disasters

7. Wu Bing Zi: commonly known as "ghost sees sorrow", Buddhism is called "Bodhi Zi"

8. Gourd: expel evil spirits

[precautions for moving into a new home]

1. Be sure to check in before noon

2. Worship five fruits, which refer to pineapple, citrus, pear, jujube and apple, representing prosperity, sweetness, Lai, Zao and Ping'an respectively. Can develop good fortune and bring opportunities for success

3. Turn on all the lights three days before check-in, and keep them on for three consecutive days and nights until the day of check-in, which can increase Yang Qi and wealth

4. Often invite relatives and friends to gather and gather popularity

[living room feng shui that must be paid attention to]

1 It's best to avoid seeing all the room doors in the living room. In addition to poor privacy, it will also give people a feeling that the door is wide open, which makes people have the intention of making trouble

2. The gate of the porch should also avoid direct access to the back door. If money enters and exits from the front door, it will not accumulate money. The aisle should avoid direct or horizontal access to the whole room

3. The dining table cannot face the door directly. If it is really unavoidable, you can use the screen to block it

[five taboos of bedroom Feng Shui]

1 There are too many electrical appliances, especially the TV is facing the foot of the bed. The foot is the second heart of human beings, and its radiation is more likely to affect the meridian operation and blood circulation of both feet

2. The door of the bathroom in the bedroom is facing the bed. Feng Shui theory believes that the five elements in the toilet belong to water, with Yin Qi, which is easy to cause lumbar and renal discomfort

3. The window is large, facing east or west. Strong sunlight will cause too much light in the bedroom

4. The ceiling directly above the bed is equipped with a chandelier, which is very annoying

[which problems self destruct the fortune?]

1. The mouth is called "the palace of eating wealth". The staple of eating wealth often sighs and cries bitterly, and there is no food for wealth

2. The body is perforated everywhere, and the phase method is the first weight of the body. The damage of body piercing will naturally damage the health and fortune of the body, and at the same time, it is prone to infection with bacteria, tetanus and other diseases

3. Blinking often is "shensan", and the Lord "people have no real luck and bad luck."

[knives and scissors are placed disorderly with bad luck]

1. Knives and scissors are placed disorderly in the bedroom, which is not suitable for couples' feelings

2. Knives and scissors are placed in the kitchen indiscriminately, which is not suitable for family health and wealth

3. Knives and scissors are placed disorderly in the living room, which is not suitable for career

4. Knives and scissors are placed in bags and taken with them, which will affect the luck of the day

5. Knives and scissors at home should not be placed in the north, West or East

6. Knives and scissors at home should not be placed in front of someone

7. It is appropriate to store the knives and scissors in storage boxes such as drawers





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