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Customization, as a new force in the development of the home furnishing industry in recent years, has been developing in an all-round way with an unstoppable trend since its launch. From the previous home furnishing market, where it was difficult to find customized brands, to the special customized home furnishing zones set up in major shopping malls; From the custom home store "pommel horse is neglected in front of the door", to the custom home area, the passenger flow is like weaving; From a single customized cabinet and wardrobe to today's "whole house customization", the rapid development of customized home furnishings is amazing. Wardrobe enterprises should build a good after-sales service system! The whole wardrobe brand Deville

in order to further standardize the customized home market and promote the healthy and sustainable development of this industry, the furniture decoration industry chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of industry and Commerce issued the "whole house customized home products". At present, this industry standard, which was officially implemented on January 1 last year, has been implemented for more than a year. What is the current situation of the home market

customized brand merchant services should be more standardized

after the implementation of the new standard, these well-known brands have responded very quickly, and everyone has more stringent requirements for the quality of their products

taking cabinet furniture as an example, the standard requires that the depth of the hanging space of the swing door cabinet should be ≥ 530mm, the depth of the folding clothing placement space should be ≥ 450mm, and the clear height between the bookcases should be ≥ 230mm. In addition, the standard stipulates that the welding position should be firm without desoldering, faulty welding and dislocation. At the same time, the welding points should be uniform, the height difference of the welding scar should not be greater than 1mm, and there are no cracks, pores, undercuts and other defects. All brand merchants can strictly follow the industry standards when selling products. At present, the relevant functional departments have not received complaints from consumers about the thickness of cabinet doors and the depth of space of brand household products

and customized home furnishing manufacturers are often very rigorous when signing contracts with consumers, especially for furniture shape, plate thickness, etc., which are clearly agreed in the contract

"whole house customization" is developing rapidly and irresistibly.

at present, consumers' demand for creativity is not only satisfied with the single customized furniture such as customized wardrobe and customized cabinet, but also prefer "whole house customization". Whole house customization is a home customization solution integrating furniture design, customization, installation and other services. On the basis of mass production, whole house customization furniture enterprises manufacture consumers' exclusive furniture according to consumers' design requirements, and it is aimed at multiple links of hard decoration, including overall wardrobe, overall bookcase, wine cabinet, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, walk-in closet, wall wardrobe Products with various titles such as integral furniture belong to the category of whole house customization

compared with customized furniture of a single category, "whole house customization" makes the theme of the whole room more unified. A large style enables the room to be designed as you like without breaking the rules. In terms of health and environmental protection, it can strictly do environmental protection in the process of material selection and production, so as to better ensure the health of residents at home

more careful consumers will surely find that some merchants who specialize in selling customized household products have quietly changed their doorheads or storefront profiles. Previously, some shops with "customized Wardrobe" and "customized furniture" have been changed to "full house customization", and even some decoration companies have taken "full house customized decoration" as a major selling point of their services. "Whole house customization" is ushering in its own vigorous development period

the after-sales service system still needs to be standardized

although the customized home furnishing market is becoming standardized, there are still many problems in this industry at present. For example, in some home furnishing markets with low access threshold, there is an alias that has not been widely known, and the "customized home" signboard has also been displayed. Some customized home furnishing merchants cannot be recognized by consumers due to lack of creativity, insufficient workmanship and other reasons; In particular, the after-sales service attitude of some merchants is worrying

due to the special production process of customized home furnishings, some stores often give special treatment to merchants operating such products when formulating after-sales service policies. This makes some customized home merchants do not implement the "Three Guarantees" service stipulated by the mall. For example, after placing an order with the merchant selling customized home, if the consumer proposes to return the goods, the merchant will often refuse it, on the grounds that the customized home is customized for the consumer. Once the consumer proposes to return the goods, the semi-finished products that have been cut or formed will cause great losses to the manufacturer. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to return goods, exchange goods and repair after purchasing customized homes

for consumers, these market phenomena are also one of the reasons why some consumers are deterred from customized home furnishings, and also the problems troubled by the whole industry. For the home furnishing industry, in order to avoid these problems, we should comprehensively establish sound market norms and promote the whole industry to move towards a healthy and sustainable development direction

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