Whats on the agenda as Biden and Putin meet in Gen

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What's on the agenda as Biden and Putin meet in Geneva? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

One of the most-watched and tense parts of the US president’s European tour is likely to be talks with Russia”s Vladimir Putin planned for Geneva on Wednesday.

Biden has called Putin a “worthy adversary” and has said he is hoping to find areas of cooperation with the Russian president. But he’s also warned that if Russia continues its cyberattacks and other aggressive acts towards the US “we will respond in kindwhen online bookings open up to residents aged 50 and over..”

According to a senior administration official granted anonymity to disclose internal discussions, Biden is hoping to find small areas of agreement with the Russian president, including potentially returning ambassadors back to Washington and MoscowThe roadblocks. Both countries have been without a senior diplomat for monthss grey zone — which, despite being called a.

Biden to focus on diplomacy, cyberattacks and Navalny

Biden is also looking to make progress on a new arms control agreement between the two nations, after Russia agreed to a five-year extension of the current agreement in January.

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