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Excellent quality and unlimited communication - Delta product technology application exchange meeting successfully ended in Nanjing

spring is the season of sowing. The ambitious Zhongda people and their partners met as scheduled and insisted on spreading quality and service

recently, Zhongda Nanjing electromechanical business office and its agent Nanjing Youding Automation System Co., Ltd. jointly hosted a vivid technical exchange meeting for Nanjing Wuzhou Refrigeration Group, the leader of the refrigeration industry, in Nanjing, the ancient capital of Six Dynasties

at this exchange meeting, engineers from Zhongda PLC products division, Nanjing electromechanical technology and Youding automation company delivered wonderful speeches respectively, mainly introducing the powerful functions of delta touch screen in terms of configuration, integration and communication; It also made a detailed description of the problems generally concerned by customers, such as the handling of PLC in analog quantity, communication and related groups, which was highly praised by the participants. Dozens of technicians from the three technical departments of constant temperature and humidity unit, water chiller and dehumidifier of Wuzhou Refrigeration Group also came to the scene, sharing their successful cases with the on-site guests. They further verified the excellent quality of delta products with their own real experience

it is understood that Nanjing Wuzhou company was founded in 1958, restructured into Nanjing Wuzhou Refrigeration (Group) Company in 1994, and renamed as Sino foreign joint venture Nanjing Wuzhou Refrigeration Group Co., Ltd. in 2004. Wuzhou company has been identified as the key large-scale backbone enterprise designated by the Ministry of machinery to produce semi closed refrigeration compressors and refrigeration, air conditioning and dehumidification equipment. It is the vice chairman unit of the complete equipment professional committee of China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association, the top 500 enterprises in China's machinery industry, the high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province and Nanjing, and the production enterprises of key characteristic products in Nanjing. The enterprise has strong technical force, has a national air conditioner type test center, and has been recognized as Jiangsu refrigerator quality inspection station by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision. At present, with an annual production and operation capacity of 500 million yuan, Wuzhou company has become a new specialized refrigeration and air conditioning enterprise with complete testing means, complete product series, leading technology and perfect services

Zhongda Diantong has a wealth of automation products. Products such as frequency converters, PLC, man-machine interfaces, temperature controllers are not only widely used in the refrigeration industry for such a cycle for a period of time, but also have strong competitiveness. Delta's F series inverter is specially tailored for fans and pumps. It uses a 16 bit microprocessor with an output frequency of 0 Hz, with built-in PID control program, settable v/f curve and cubic v/f curve, it has a good energy-saving effect in the use of the equipment. Similarly, Delta PLC is also an excellent product in the application of this industry. It has good price advantages and stable performance characteristics. When SS series PLC is used to represent the six most common insulation materials in the market at present, it can be combined at will to achieve the purpose of saving the most money, having the most complete functions and using the most convenient. Delta man-machine interface supports dual port communication function, which can connect two different controllers at the same time; USB fast data uploading and downloading (COM port can also be used); The language family can be switched automatically in the software; The sampling function can provide three recording methods of historical trend, historical value and historical information, and can set up a series of advantages such as up to eight curves

the ball screw relies on the ball, which belongs to rotating friction. This exchange meeting achieved a complete success through various exchanges and communication between the organizer and partners. It comprehensively and vividly shows the excellent application ability of delta products in the refrigeration industry, so that users have a deeper understanding and recognition of delta products. At the same time, it also makes them more confident in Zhongda. This is not what an ordinary seminar or product promotion can do. For the normal operation of key curve detector and other equipment and to maintain the best accuracy, excellent measurement range is the premise, and good communication with customers is the condition. Only when these two aspects are done well, can we achieve a win-win situation and make customers really agree. "Excellent quality, unlimited communication". I believe that in the future, customers will know more about Zhongda through more technical exchanges, and Zhongda will also customize more products that meet their needs for customers. We will wait and see

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