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Quality glass products come from the standardized processing process

the most important reason for whether the processed glass products are qualified is whether the glass processing process is advanced, scientific and standardized

with the increasing awareness of energy conservation, the application of processed glass products is facing a good opportunity to expand the market. Whether from the aspects of saving energy consumption, blocking noise, or improving living comfort and safety, using processed glass products such as insulating glass and tempered glass has significant advantages over using only ordinary original glass. It is precisely because people continue to realize the advantages of processing glass, in order not to give users too much time on this, the capacity of the market shows a growing trend, and at present, this trend also shows the potential to accelerate

the reality is that due to the late start of China's glass processing industry and the rapid rise of the market, the glass processing industry is inevitably mixed. There are large-scale enterprises and many small processing enterprises; There are enterprises with advanced processing equipment, as well as enterprises that use low-quality equipment to process glass; There are enterprises with excellent quality of processed glass products, but processed glass products with poor quality or even fake quality are more prevalent in the market. These fake and inferior processed glass products are more widely used in the civil construction market, including some roadside door and window processing workshops, where such products are gathered and dispersed

the market of processed glass products is mixed, one of the reasons is that glass processing enterprises are mixed. We cannot assume that some enterprises are not enterprising or willing to make fake and inferior products. The more expectation to improve the overall level of the glass processing industry should be to better popularize and improve processing technology and process, as well as to promote advanced equipment and scientific management. It is based on this thinking and expectation that the "China Glass weekly" of this newspaper has opened a column "glass processing and processing glass vertical and horizontal talk" from today. Through this column, we will better connect the glass raw sheet production suppliers, glass processing equipment suppliers and glass processing enterprises, as well as the glass processing market, and discuss the products, processing processes, equipment and market from all relevant angles and levels. It is not only an important indicator of appearance control product quality and friction and wear mechanism research, but also good quality Small performance losses are expected to jointly promote and serve the healthy and rapid development of the construction market and industry, Larsen said

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