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Quality and service, the wings of Viking forklift take-off

Guide: excellent product quality and excellent service are the wings of the operation and development of construction machinery enterprises. Without any of them, enterprises cannot take off, or even lose their halberds! Zhang Xiaofeng, the young general manager of Viking forklift, who has grown up from the sales front line, is deeply impressed. This is also how many Viking forklifts

"excellent product quality and excellent service are the 'wings' of the operation and development of construction machinery enterprises. Without any of them, enterprises can not take off, or even lose their halberds!" Zhang Xiaofeng, the young general manager of Viking forklift, who grew up from the front line of sales, is deeply impressed, which is also the summary of the rapid and healthy development of Viking forklift in recent years

Viking forklift truck has carried out in-depth product structure adjustment since 2005, and officially entered the production and operation field of forklifts and skid steer loaders. It can be said to be a latecomer in the industry. However, Viking brand and the chip installed on the woven bag show the boldness and development speed of the latecomers. Relying on excellent product quality and excellent service, Viking forklift truck has increased at a continuous growth rate of 50% in the past three years, becoming the fastest-growing brand in the industry, Viking forklift truck and Viking skid steer loader have also been widely concerned by all sectors of society

quality and service, the wings of Viking forklift

in 2011, Viking forklift and Viking skid steer loader, the products of Viking company, were awarded the "brand of consumer confidence in the national market" by the China Consumer Protection Foundation

Viking company, formerly a military enterprise, established the "Viking" construction machinery series brand after restructuring in 2005, mainly engaged in forklifts, skid steer loaders, container cranes and other series of products. In January 2008, it obtained the manufacturing license for battery forklifts less than 3.5 tons and internal combustion forklifts less than 10 tons. At present, the company produces forklifts including internal combustion forklifts, which are the most frequently used in the domestic market, green and environmental friendly electric forklifts, dual fuel forklifts and manual forklifts suitable for foreign markets. After the restructuring, the company continued to implement system and mechanism innovation and product innovation. The main use places of the product market are concrete construction sites and brand building. The work has made leaps and bounds, and the marketing work has developed rapidly. In 2009, Viking forklift became one of the top ten forklift industries in China, and its products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Libya, South Africa, Brazil, etc

in 2010, the total sales volume of forklift trucks in the whole industry in China exceeded 130000, and the growth rate continued to maintain at more than 20%, continuing to occupy the peak of the construction machinery industry. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the forklift industry will also continue to maintain a high-profile and high-speed development trend, and the utilization proportion of plastics, elastomers, etc. in Haier's home appliances will gradually increase. China's forklift market is still the focus of global competition, and there is no doubt about the long-term development prospect of the forklift industry

however, insiders are also clearly aware that after more than 20 years of rapid development, China's forklift industry has experienced in-depth competition and integration of technical resources, manufacturing resources and market resources, and the competition will become increasingly fierce in the future. "It can be said that the forklift industry has entered a highly mature era of homogeneous competition, and there are fewer and fewer manufacturing enterprises that can really be called core technologies. The focus of market competition tends to be quality and price." Said yuanlongjiang, chief engineer of Viking forklift truck

in the highly mature era of homogeneous competition, domestic forklift manufacturing enterprises are divided and close combat, how does Viking forklift come from behind

in-depth contact with bright company and "Viking" brand series products, the most touching is "quality" and "service"

"the product quality increased by 2.7% year-on-year, which is the dignity of the enterprise! Quality control should be the top priority of the management of manufacturing enterprises." When talking about the internal management of the enterprise over the past few years, general manager Zhang Xiaofeng said, "the first focus of enterprise management is product quality, and we can't mechanically pursue cost. In front of quality, cost must make way unconditionally. Cutting corners and shoddy goods are drinking doves to quench thirst and digging our own graves. Product quality is not only related to the current interests of the enterprise, but also related to the long-term development and long-term interests of the enterprise!"

"inheriting military quality and building a fighting forklift" is the embodiment of Viking's unremitting pursuit of product quality. In terms of product manufacturing, Guangming company has adhered to the fine tradition of "strict" military production quality, strictly controlled technical design, strictly controlled the calibration of process tooling, strictly controlled the disposal of unqualified products, strictly controlled the traceability of quality problems, and conducted all-round strict inspection and control of raw materials, parts and product production processes, thus forming a quality control system with military quality management characteristics

quality and service, the two wings of Viking forklift take-off

products and technology are homogenized, and the marketing mode of construction machinery is gradually converging to the regional agency and direct sales mode. Viking forklift has made a calm and positive exploration on how to innovate the marketing mode --

"we will not follow suit and mechanically copy any marketing mode. We will unswervingly adhere to the basic 'five ones' service mode and make Viking's service the most distinctive marketing." Zhou Feng, head of Viking forklift sales department, said, "service is word-of-mouth. With the gradual improvement of market share, word-of-mouth is much more important than advertising. It can be said that those who get word-of-mouth will win the world; in the next step, we will spend more efforts to deepen and refine the 'five ones' and make it solid, so that the' Viking 'brand will become the first brand of after-sales service in the forklift industry."

as the flagship product of Guangming machine, Viking forklift and Viking skid steer loader were the first to launch a one-year warranty service commitment in the industry at the beginning of their introduction to the market, and then launched "five one-star services", That is, "the warranty period of main parts is 1 year, the service response time is not more than 1 day, the user is visited at least once within a week after the product is sold, the user is visited at least once within a year after the product is sold, and the product is sold with a tracking maintenance service"

with the substantial increase of market share, Viking forklift keeps pace with the times, will carry out a new interpretation of the "five ones", will further change its role, carry out a deeper positioning, expand and enrich the after-sales service team, formulate more detailed service rules, assessment and complaint mechanism and service personnel code of conduct, so that every service will become the best opportunity to be close to customers, build public praise and build an image, Make service the core concept of Viking marketing

in the next few years, Viking company will continue to position itself in forklifts and skid steer loaders, make every effort to develop and manufacture products with the best cost performance, adhere to quality first, service first, user first, inherit the fine traditions of military enterprises, give play to the advantages of independent research and development, enhance the influence of Viking brand, and create greater value for the majority of users of Viking forklifts! Make greater contributions to the development of China's national industry

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