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The quality is at the best level, and there is an inflection point in the development of Ningxia's printing industry

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the quality is at the best level in history, and the number is reduced in the market competition. After years of steady development, the quality of Ningxia's printing materials is at the best level in history this year, but the number of printing enterprises has the inflection point that the annual new increment is less than the elimination for the first time. Industry insiders said that the development mode of printing industry in our district is facing changes

according to the statistics of Ningxia Publishing Bureau, the total number of printing enterprises in our region this year is 453, 15 less than last year, which is the first inflection point in the steady growth of the total number of printing enterprises in our region for many years. According to reports, at the end of 2001, the General Administration of publication of the people's Republic of China made regulations on the plant area, equipment conditions and registered capital of printing enterprises, which are not only the entry threshold, but also the elimination standard for small enterprises. Considering the livelihood of most employees, with the approval of the application, small enterprises in our district were not banned in strict accordance with the regulations, but were naturally eliminated by the market. The total number of printing enterprises increased steadily from about 400 in 2002. Last year, the relevant departments increased their annual verification efforts and banned 21 small enterprises, while only 6 new enterprises were added, resulting in the inflection point. After 10 quality tests by relevant experts, there are 15 kinds of excellent printing products this year, and the professional operator of electronic universal experimental machine told you 227 kinds of first-class products, which is the best level in history. This achievement, firm the rest for uncoated cultural paper; The recyclability of coated paper, household paper, paper and special paper is poor, which makes the decision of relevant departments to control the total number of enterprises, build leading enterprises and let small-scale enterprises be eliminated naturally

it is reported that at present, the printing industry in our district has determined the direction of industrialization development, and relevant departments are actively adjusting the industrial structure to guide enterprises to develop in a specialized, refined, special and new direction. However, at present, about 80% of the printing enterprises in our District rent factories, and there is no complete book binding production line, which seriously restricts the overall development pace of the industry. In this regard, relevant departments are actively applying for special funds for ethnic minority publishing and interest free loans, and building printing industrial parks. While focusing on supporting and cultivating 10-20 backbone printing enterprises, they are also improving the agglomeration and core competitiveness of the printing industry in our region, so as to meet the leapfrog development of the printing industry in our region

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