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The strategic layout of "quality + personality" JD home furnishing and home decoration has fallen another child

the strategic layout of "quality + personality" JD home furnishing and home decoration has fallen another child

April 6, 2017

[the experimental machine of China paint company absolutely meets the needs of customers] in recent years, the consumption in the domestic market has upgraded significantly, and the middle class and the young generation have become the main consumption force. They pursue brand consumption, Willing to pay a premium for product quality. In terms of home decoration, it is manifested in the pursuit of home products with stronger "design", hoping that home decoration designers can meet their individual needs, and are eager to be in line with international standards in terms of brand, concept and quality... Personality and quality have become the most mainstream voice in the home decoration market

if the theme of "efficiency + experience" put forward by JD home furnishing at the recent strategic conference is to focus on the intensive cultivation of categories, the layout of "quality + personality" carried out in Milan design week is JD's accurate grasp of consumption trends

on April 4, made another appearance at Milan design week. On the one hand, it joined hands with the authoritative design magazine interni design times and 20 well-known Chinese architects and designers to launch a theme exhibition called "matrix of all things". The exhibition is based on the subtle theory of Chinese traditional Taoist thought about the origin of all things, and forms exchanges and dialogue with professionals who come to the exhibition in a labyrinth like display space. At the same time, announced that it had reached cooperation with Italian brands Savio firmino, bordengnon and contract, adding a new force to the high-end brand alliance

with cutting-edge trends to guide personalized demands and continuously expanding brand alliance to ensure quality needs, will become the first online and offline home decoration retail platform in five years to avoid loosening; Change the placement environment of the experimental machine. Don't be too wet. There is a clear drop on the layout

JD matrix everything Exhibition - 20 well-known Chinese architects and designers discuss speculation

twice walked into Milan design week to talk about international cutting-edge trends, landing guidance, personal demands

Xin Lijun, vice president of JD group and President of home life division, said that this is JD's second time into Milan design week. As the fastest-growing e-commerce in the world and the largest retail enterprise in China, has been committed to bringing Chinese home design in line with international trends, guiding the upgrading of domestic fashion home life concepts, and providing life aesthetics consumption for more than 200 million users

in April 2016, launched jddesign+, that is, " designers", including the hydraulic universal experimental machine and electronic universal experimental machine projects, and worked with 21 Chinese and foreign designers to complete the exhibition themed "travellife, walkingbox" and a series of forum activities for in-depth dialogue between Chinese and Italian designers. The 21 outstanding designers represent the essence and future of Sino Italian home culture. Their combination, communication and collision have sparked new sparks, and led the rapid integration of Chinese home design with international trends, thus guiding the upgrading of domestic home life concepts. Finally, the designers showed the audience the future trend of mobile lifestyle through the design of 10 "boxes"

2017 Milan design week, JD matrix everything exhibition takes three specifications, a total of 133 JD product packaging boxes as the carrier, forming a labyrinth display space. On the one hand, it is a picture of the rapid changes of Chinese cities, on the other hand, it is the speculative discussion of 20 top Chinese architects and designers on design, life and urban development. What's more amazing is that on the night of design, five UAVs took off at the University of Milan for a 20 minute dazzling light show. talked to industry insiders from all over the world at Milan design week in a "very" way

Xin Lijun said that through the box maze of "everything" exhibition, from macro to micro, from nothing to everything, we discuss design, aesthetics, life and human development with cutting-edge design concepts from around the world. We all believe that technology makes life better, design brings new drivers to the city, and has undertaken the bridge between design and consumers

as the world's recognized international annual design event of the highest specification, Milan design week brings together the world's top design concepts and design achievements every year, and is known as the "wind vane" of the world's design trend. has made more excellent brands and designers from all over the world pay attention to the Chinese market and growing Chinese consumers through its actions of entering Milan design week again and again, and has also continuously passed on the international cutting-edge trends to the new generation of Chinese consumers through dialogues and exchanges

continue to introduce international excellent brands to ensure the quality needs of consumers

at the strategic Conference on March 29, JD home decoration set a specific goal for itself to enrich categories and brands: within three years, well-known brands and star products all over the world can be found in JD, and a large number of high-quality goods can meet the diverse needs of consumers

continuing JD's consistent adherence to quality, home decoration continues to select domestic and foreign well-known brands for cooperation. In February 2016, at the spring international consumer goods exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, reached strategic cooperation with six well-known kitchen appliance brands, including WMF, Fissler, shuangliren, woll, amosa and le Maire. In March 2017, signed a deep strategic cooperation agreement with six well-known kitchenware groups, worldkitchen, chef, SEB group, PMI, Meiya and Newell, at the Chicago international household goods Expo

during this Milan design week, JD home furnishing received three excellent Italian brands: Savio firmino, bordernon and contract. It is reported that Savio firmino, founded in 1941, is an Italian high-end handmade furniture brand with deep heritage. The artists and craftsmen of the brand have inherited the handicraft tradition inherited from the Renaissance to the present. At present, Savio firmino has officially entered, and is also its first and only online channel in China. The first batch of nearly 20 products are launched, all for the purpose of simplifying the connection department for children's furniture, and all products are specially customized for China's online market. In addition, the products of bordengnon and contract will also be launched in Fibonacci baowo flagship store

Xin Lijun said: "... More and more famous Italian furniture brands are joining At the same time, many excellent designers have come together with This year, two Chinese designers, Zhou Chenchen and Chen Min, who were selected in the Salone satellite 20 anniversary special exhibition of Milan satellite exhibition, are selling their selected works simultaneously in, so that consumers who pursue quality can feel the beauty of design most quickly and directly." 。

senior people in the industry believe that as a low-frequency, experience oriented, multi person decision-making and complex demand for home decoration products, consumers have strong quality requirements, personalized needs and high standard service requirements in the consumption process. In order to become the first home furnishing and home decoration retail platform online and offline within five years,'s attack is fast, accurate and ruthless: on March 29, "efficiency + service" focused on refined category operations; On April 4, "quality + personality" accurately targeted the consumption upgrading trend; The next child of JD home decoration may be in hand, ready to fall

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