Construction method and safety of the hottest semi

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Construction method and safety of semi coal rock roadway

tunneling in coal and rock strata is called semi coal rock roadway when the rock strata (including rock intercalation) account for more than 1/5 and less than 4/5 of the area of the tunneling face

1. selection of roadway location

2012sr008740 Bochuang injection molding machine two board software system V1.0 position of roadway excavation section, there are three cases: top lifting, undercover and top lifting and undercover

in most cases, we should try not to pick the top, but undercover to ensure the integrity and stability of the top. Only when the coal seam has a thin false roof, the false roof can be removed. In addition, in order not to damage the roof, inclined beam sheds and short leg sheds can be used during support

for the section return air roadway, because it is also used for feeding to the coal mining face, in order to feed the party from now on, it can adopt the roof jacking tunneling

in practice, due to the changes in the geological conditions of the coal seam, in order to meet the needs of production and maintain the direction and slope requirements of the roadway, the roof lifting and undercover conditions of the same roadway are not fixed, and sometimes even temporarily leave the coal seam and penetrate into the whole rock excavation

2. Blast hole arrangement

semi coal rock working face, because the coal seam is relatively soft, the cutting holes are mostly arranged in the coal seam. The cutting form, blast hole spacing and depth shall be determined according to the roadway section size, coal seam thickness and position, and cyclic footage. When drilling and blasting coal and rock by stages, the top 2 should be strengthened The switch has poor contact plate management to prevent the support from collapsing and causing roof fall

3. Construction organization

establish the first new materials research institute led by private enterprises in the West

the construction organization of semi coal rock roadway excavation includes: coal and rock are not divided, full face one-time excavation and coal and rock are excavated and transported separately. The method of separate excavation and transportation shall be adopted as far as possible during the construction, so as to facilitate the recovery of coal resources and ensure the quality of coal

in the construction of separate excavation and transportation, different drilling, blasting and shipping methods should be adopted for coal and rock, which must not be mixed for convenience. For example, when the rock hardness coefficient is F 6, the rock electric drill can be used to drill holes

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