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Quality management software (QMS) version 1.1

agfa's QMS is designed to ensure the overall behavior of consistent quality among multiple Sherpa six color inkjet proofing systems. Another purpose of designing this software is to verify the accuracy of any she used for the output of high-precision RPA machines at any time and at any place. In this latest software, Agfa has developed a function to support the proofing of newspapers on users' new smelling paper, such as loose smelling paper. In addition to calibrating Agfa's paper proofing materials and ANPP, users can also customize calibration settings for special printing materials. By printing and measuring special color codes, the software can calculate the amount of ink overflowed and absorbed on the paper, and then QMS uses the Agfa ink overflow color code containing various font sizes to display the visual effect on a specific paper on the screen. This visual effect not only shows the amount of ink water, but also provides a reference for selecting the best font for a certain color gamut range. Whenever new paper is used for printing, new paper setting parameters can be generated and saved. Then users can select a specific newspaper printing material when calibrating the contract proofing equipment Sherpa. For the remote proofing function, install the same parameter file in the remote location to obtain the same effect

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