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Quality determines reputation interview with the boss of Beijing Kaiyuan Hengtong

with the implementation of Euro IV emission standards, the competition in the European filter market has become fierce. Air filter, oil filter, gasoline filter and other forms of products are constantly being upgraded. Service life, daily practicality and fuel consumption are the key standards that people are most concerned about. At present, most of the large and small products and equipment in the construction machinery industry are using filters. How about the quality, Bencai's global production capacity of bio based materials and chemicals will jump. An interview was made with Mo Runchao, general manager of Beijing Kaiyuan Hengtong Machinery Co., Ltd

I. the number of filter manufacturers has soared from about 300 in 1995 to more than 1000 at present. What are the main brands represented by your company? Which brand of these products do you think has the most market potential

our company mainly acts as the agent of filter brands, including filter Bufan, Celtic, SF and FATEK, and also sells filters of other different brands. Each brand has different market potential in different fields. For example, in the field of oil filtration, Celtic is in the field of oil-gas separation of air compressors, SF is in the field of air filtration of internal combustion power equipment, and FATEK is in the field of hydraulic oil filtration. With the quality and performance of our products, we have established a firm foothold in the market

II. At present, there are many kinds of filters sold in the market, and there are no less than 30 or 40 brands at home and abroad. What are the advantages of your company's products in terms of price and performance for so many brands

throughout the filter market, there are many brands, and the quality is also uneven. The products represented by our company are well-known brands in the industry, and have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers after years of use, and there have been no quality problems. Due to the large scale and high output of some foreign factories, the price of some models of products has obvious advantages over the price of domestic products, which is basically close to or lower than the price of domestic products. Moreover, the products we are acting for are guaranteed in quality. Once the filter products we are acting for have problems due to product quality, foreign factories will be responsible for the losses arising therefrom

third, we know that the filter element can be reused. Can this reduce costs and increase benefits for buyers

as we all know, filters are used once and must be replaced at a certain cycle. But now our company has introduced a high-tech equipment from the United States - air filter cleaner, which can prolong the service life of the air filter by times, thus greatly reducing the use cost of the engine air filter. If a car needs to be replaced four times a year, this kind of phenomenon is called stress concentration. If it is cleaned and maintained, You only need to use one in a year

IV. the service life of filter element is a concern of every buyer. How long is the service life of general products

the functions of various filters are different, the environment is also different, the quality is different, and the replacement cycle is also different. The service life of normal qualified products is basically: the air filter element is about 1000 hours, the oil filter element is about 500 hours, the fuel filter element is about 500 hours, the hydraulic oil filter element is about 1000 hours, and the air compressor oil-gas separation filter element should be about hours. In addition, the service life of the filter is also closely related to its filter medium

v. filter products are widely used. Can you introduce some knowledge about this and what should be paid attention to in the process of use? The use of filter is indeed very extensive. Although it is a small product, the market is very, very large. It is a product that plays a major role in the equipment although it looks insignificant. As for the selection of filter elements, I advocate using filter products with high reputation and good quality as much as possible. If cheap and low-quality products are selected, the equipment may fail and even be scrapped within a few days of the processing efficiency and performance advantages of Paek thermoplastic composites

VI. we know that the market competition is very cruel, especially the price war. Do you have any preferential activities recently

our company always adheres to the path of small profits but quick turnover. On the premise of ensuring quality, we try our best to reduce the use cost for customers, and the filter itself is a product that is replaced periodically during the use of the equipment. Our company does not advocate preferential treatment for customers in the form of activities. At any time, it is a penny, a piece of goods, blindly pursuing cheap products, and ultimately the users will suffer

VII. As filters are consumables, there is a great demand for products. Enterprises specializing in the production of filter products are developing rapidly. It has become an indisputable fact that the filter industry has become a competitive industry. Can you talk about some views on this industry

I agree with you very much. In recent years, with the reform and opening up, a large number of foreign technologies have entered China. Domestic filter products also continue to develop from the past single product variety and low quality to the current multi variety and high quality. However, domestic manufacturers are still insufficient in the development of cutting-edge products. First, domestic manufacturers do not have the new products, technologies and materials developed by large foreign factories. Second, the use of many models of products limits the investment of domestic factories in the development of new products. Domestic factories mainly develop and produce products with high market share, which can quickly enter the market and speed up the recovery of input costs. However, due to the factors of unstable product quality prevailing in domestic factories, it is often the factory that ignores the products after selling them, so that it is not responsible for problems, and all of them are solved by the customers themselves. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in some small-scale factories. I quite agree with the view that we need efficiency from the perspective of scale. The reason why the products of large foreign companies are sometimes sold at lower prices than domestic products is that their output is too large. But I personally hope that domestic enterprises will do better and better. At the same time, I also hope that domestic good products can also be based on the forest of the world in this industry

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