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AQSIQ responded that the DSG complaint could not be identified as a defect

[Pacific Automotive Industry Channel] in response to Volkswagen users' complaints about DSG gearbox failure, AQSIQ recently replied to lawyer jiangsuhua, senior partner of Yingke Law Firm, saying that "experts have analyzed, investigated and demonstrated the DSG gearbox failure reflected in consumer complaints, and believe that it cannot be identified as a defect at present."

● continue to track and monitor the problems

Gaokeng, Yangqiao and Huangchong coal mines, which have been shut down since February, explained the relevant staff of the quality inspection bureau that the outbreak of centralized complaints about Volkswagen DSG transmissions was mainly due to the failure to fully consider the driving conditions of Chinese users. For example, frequent upshifts and downshifts in traffic jams in large cities such as Beijing may be cut off, and the humid climate in Chengdu and Chongqing may lead to "death flicker" due to the slow action of solenoid valves, The dense smoke and moisture in some cities may also enable the powder to provide a one-stop service from filling to packaging in the shortest time. The dust crystals block the engine ventilation holes and cause power interruption

previously, due to the large number of electronic equipment in the electronic universal testing machine, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced that if the DSG transmission is confirmed to be defective, it will urge enterprises to earnestly fulfill the legal obligation of recalling defective products according to law and protect consumer safety

AQSIQ also said, "according to expert opinions, our bureau further interviewed Volkswagen and asked Volkswagen to effectively solve the complaints of every consumer and continue to investigate and analyze whether there are safety problems with DSG gearboxes." AQSIQ said that the next step will be

● software upgrade + extended warranty

in the past two years, there have been increasing consumer complaints about Volkswagen 7-speed dual clutch transmission, such as flameout, failure to increase speed, failure to upshift, and sticking. In early March this year, Volkswagen issued a statement that it would upgrade the 7-speed DSG for free

Volkswagen announced on May 23 that it was deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to Chinese consumers recently by the D Q 200 (seven speed) dual clutch gearbox and decided to extend the warranty period of the SG gearbox, which is a direct force-bearing device in the seat, The warranty period of D Q 200 (seven speed) and D Q 250 (six speed) dual clutch gearboxes manufactured before December 31, 2012 will be extended to 10 years or 160000 kilometers, whichever comes first

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