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Quality is the primary factor affecting the market share of domestic electronic measurement instrument enterprises

electronic measurement instruments belong to the field of high and new technology, and are one of the product categories with the most and fastest application of new technology in modern industrial products. The most advanced electronic measurement technology is basically controlled by developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan. In the 1950s and 1960s, the overall technical level of China's electronic measuring instruments was not far behind the advanced level of foreign countries, but the current gap is widening, and most of the high-end products rely on imports. At present, the MTBF (mean time between failure) of electronic measuring instruments in China can generally reach 3000 hours, which initially meets the quality requirements of military and civil industry, but the technical level and quality of products still need to be further improved

the quality gap affects the market share

high end electronic measurement. In the future, the mini graphene box can shuttle drugs to specific parts of the body. There is a certain gap between the instrument and foreign technology, which affects the market share of products

a few domestic enterprises can produce some high-end electronic measuring instruments, but because they do not fully grasp the key technology, and there is a gap between the process level and raw materials and the foreign advanced level, there is a certain gap between the product and the foreign advanced level in terms of technology and quality, which affects the market share of the product

some medium and low-end electronic measuring instrument products produced by some domestic enterprises (such as digital storage oscilloscope with bandwidth less than 1GHz and sampling rate less than 5gbit/s) have good quality and cost performance, which not only occupy most of the domestic market, but also have a considerable export volume. Through the efforts in recent years, these manufacturers have established their own brand image of oscillograph and radiated the brand image of oscillograph to other products, which plays a good role in promoting the development of enterprises

strengthen training and improve quality level

the association organized quality related training and received good results

generally, the scale of China's electronic measuring instrument enterprises should consider that the shrinkage rate of plastic is not much greater than that of metal, and enterprises with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan are even large-scale enterprises. Because electronic measuring instruments involve a wide range of fields and many kinds of products, the products of different enterprises are often quite different, and the key technologies involved are also different

the China Electronic Instrument Industry Association has taken strengthening the training of common technologies in the electronic measuring instrument industry as one of the work priorities in recent years. In recent years, the association has cooperated with the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group, the chairman unit, to organize 6 training sessions on three topics related to quality, including electromagnetic compatibility, anti-static and manufacturability design technology. A total of dozens of units and nearly 1000 technicians participated, and achieved good results

the main body of brand building is enterprises, and associations can play an auxiliary role in this work. Due to historical reasons, the association has not carried out evaluation and strengthened upstream and downstream cooperation. The association hopes to organize the most authoritative evaluation and Award activities in the electronic measuring instrument industry. Of course, these works need to be carried out on the basis of government support, the association's own efforts and a period of accumulation

take multiple measures to speed up quality brand building

brand building is a systematic project, and enterprises should do long-term and meticulous work

brand building is a systematic project, and enterprises should do long-term and meticulous work in product quality, technical level, service and other aspects

(I) strengthen publicity and training and optimize the living environment. For enterprises, we need to carry out education in integrity, quality and other aspects. A very important point is to let our enterprises have the belief to become a century old store, and the government should provide a better environment for enterprises to grow into a century old store and give entrepreneurs confidence. Otherwise, entrepreneurs will not pay attention to enterprise integrity, product quality and brand building

(II) establish an authoritative evaluation and award mechanism. In recent years, there have been too many and indiscriminate evaluations and awards in China, which lack authority. The awards awarded are not recognized by users, and enterprises do not pay attention to them, which has not really played an effective role in promoting the brand construction and publicity of enterprises. In this case, first of all, we need to clean up the current excessive evaluation and award, and reduce the number and types of awards on a large scale; Secondly, establish and maintain authoritative evaluation, so that these evaluation awards can be recognized by enterprises and users, and play an important role in promoting the brand construction of enterprises

(III) greatly improve the support for high-quality products. Different incentive mechanisms can guide enterprises to adopt different operation strategies. In order to strengthen the quality brand construction of Chinese enterprises, we can consider giving preferential policies of significantly reducing taxes to the products that have won the authoritative evaluation awards. I believe that under the guidance of similar incentive mechanisms, we can certainly change the operation mode of enterprises, urge them to take more high-quality products as an important work, and enable enterprises to produce more high-quality products

advanced polymer composites can be widely used in automotive, aerospace, marine and energy fields

(IV) increase subsidies for overseas market development. Opening up overseas markets can reduce the intensity of competition in the domestic market and is beneficial to the development of the industry. Therefore, promoting domestic well-known enterprises to go abroad is a work of great significance to the development of the industry, which needs strong support. Specifically, we can consider increasing the intensity of export tax rebates and increasing subsidies for enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions and other related work

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