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Quality Inspection Research Institute: "winning the bid at a low price" has no profit. Quality

products are not only the foundation of enterprises, but also the basis of economic activities. Only when every product has quality and every enterprise takes quality as the goal, can economic development have more quality. "In the bidding, the low price can win the bid, causing everyone not to compare the quality, but only the price." In the recent inspection of the enforcement of the product quality law of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, some business owners complained that at present, the phenomenon of "winning the bid at a low price" in some places in bidding has become a prominent obstacle for enterprises to improve product quality, which urgently needs to be addressed and standardized

"winning the bid at a low price"! "Winning the bid at a low price"! Waves rise again. The people pointed out that the low-cost bid winning, as many people have pointed out, is the behavior of "starving peers, exhausting themselves, and killing users", which makes people feel deeply disgusted. The measures for the administration of bidding and tendering for government procurement of goods and services (Order No. 87 of the Ministry of Finance), which will be implemented on October 1, 2017, proposes that if the bid evaluation committee believes that the bidder's quotation is significantly lower than that of other bidders who have passed the compliance review, which may affect the quality of products or fail to perform in good faith, relevant supporting materials shall be submitted when necessary; If the bidder cannot prove the rationality of its quotation, it will be treated as an invalid bid. Time has passed, and the fading history of some low-cost bid winning reminds me again that the sealing ring or combination pad should be replaced in time. The era is progressing, and the story is not far away

I remember that it was the story of a gas chromatography purchased at a low price by a quality inspection agency after the government purchased it. The cause of the incident was that an instrument manufacturer saw the instrument being debugged when promoting its products. At that time, the salesman said bluntly: you also buy this instrument. The supplier is a leather bag company, which specializes in government procurement projects. After winning the bid, it will implement component procurement and piece together the instrument. The quality of the instrument can not be guaranteed at all

sure enough, the problem came. The supplier repeatedly delayed the delivery time, and the delivery was delayed for about half a year. After delivery, it was found that the preparation did not meet the requirements, the start of the instrument was abnormal, the parts were replaced many times before and after, and there were still problems of moving together, which made it feel that the operation was abnormal. After the inspection, it was found that the temperature rise procedure did not meet the requirements of the verification regulation, and the measurement was unqualified, indicating that this instrument could not normally participate in the inspection of data issuance

I was lucky to participate in a bid evaluation of government procurement. The instrument purchaser is a National Center under preparation, and one of the instruments is a domestic atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer. With the rapid development of material science, there are several target instrument suppliers, one of which is a manufacturer. It is not widely used in many industries such as metallurgical manufacturing and chemical industry. It is difficult to see that this is an unequal bid evaluation, which has nothing to do with the evaluators, but a matter of rules. Because the manufacturer has no consumption in circulation, the price advantage is obvious. The result of bid opening is a single bid, and price has become the key. The initial result of the negotiation is 20% of the lowest quotation. Note that it is also the proportion of the market price provided by the supplier. The actual transaction price is 25% of the lowest quotation. This price is relatively reasonable, which basically digests the profits in the circulation field. The instrument purchaser praised the participating teachers and saved them a lot of money

the procurement and supply of teaching instruments and AIDS are numerous and complicated, and the government procurement and supply is also a headache. The suppliers participating in the evaluation are from local suppliers and suppliers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, with a clear distinction. In fact, it is very simple. The price advantage of Southern suppliers is obvious, and the quotation is obviously lower than the low price of the bid. This makes local suppliers very incomprehensible, because they feel that the cost is not guaranteed. Although the final flow standard, but I still have some views, I also have the equipment related patented technology product processing business, the North-South processing difference is too large, the local processing of products at least 3000 yuan, in the southern processing zone only 500 yuan. The South has obvious advantages in raw materials, processing means and logistics

to give three examples, in fact, I want to say that "winning the bid at a low price" is a product of an era that needs it. After it has played its due role in the historical process, it will withdraw from the historical stage sooner or later. We should look at the problem from two aspects, more to say what kind of positive role it played in that era. p>


quality is the foundation of an enterprise. China's product quality law also stipulates that enterprises should 5. The fluctuation range of power supply voltage should not exceed ± 10% of the rated voltage; The main body responsible for product quality. In the final analysis, improving product quality depends on the enterprise itself. Only when every product has quality and every enterprise takes quality as the goal, can economic development have more quality. At present, the Chinese market is upgrading consumption, and the industrial structure is quietly changing. High end manufacturing, modern service industry and other fields will become the hot spots of industrial investment. The competition in these fields will be more intense, and the requirements for quality and brand will be higher. Only by adhering to quality-oriented and raising the quality issue to the level of values and modern enterprise philosophy, can we catch up from behind and establish our own advantages in international competition

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