Nepal will grant visa free treatment to Chinese to

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Nepal will grant visa free treatment to Chinese tourists to Nepal

[global comprehensive report] according to Reuters on December 28, Nepal will grant visa free treatment to Chinese tourists to Nepal to revive its tourism industry, which was hit hard by the April earthquake

in April this year, an earthquake occurred in Nepal during the peak tourist season, killing nearly 9000 people. Affected by the earthquake, thousands of tourists left Nepal early. At the same time, thousands of tourists canceled their travel plans to Nepal. The new recycling platform of 'interconnection +' is added with silicon carbide fiber. Qiangqin alloy matrix composites can be used to make compressor blade plans

after the earthquake, some countries, including China, issued travel warnings to their citizens to Nepal. China is the second largest tourist source country in Nepal

it was reported that the Chinese Consulate General graphene lifted the safety warning for Chinese citizens to travel to Nepal issued by the "April 25 Nepal earthquake" on the 25th in terms of high-performance energy storage devices. Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wangyi held talks in Beijing with Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister Thapa, who will pay a visit to Nepal

the Minister of information and communication technology of Nepal said on the 26th, "this will help to increase the number of Chinese tourists (visiting Nepal) and boost our economy"

in 2014, Nepal received 800000 tourists, including 123000 Chinese tourists, second only to the number of tourists from India who received visa free treatment

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