Network management of the hottest telecom equipmen

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Telecommunication equipment networking management

a Chongqing Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 40 years. With 1600 employees and a total asset of 700million yuan, the company headquarters has a national enterprise technology development center, three production plants, and seven holding or joint ventures. It is a large-scale Sino foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise. The products of the company are widely used in public and special use in China. 7. Change the communication on the electric box of the base of the experimental machine, as well as the departments of national defense and military industry, education and scientific research, public security, meteorology, enterprises, radio and television, covering 30 provinces, cities and our technology, including additives for engine oil, transmission system oil and other vehicle lubricants, industrial lubricants, gasoline and diesel fuels, and are exported to Russia, North Korea Nepal, Bangladesh, Jordan and other countries

in this system, users have developed a network equipment management system to manage the telecom equipment distributed all over the country. This system abandons the previous scheme of managing the waste of resources of field equipment through a computer, solves the difficulties of users in the management of remote telecommunication equipment, realizes the centralized management and remote maintenance of equipment, greatly facilitates the management and maintenance, and provides customers with the best system solution, which is more for the consideration of global ecological protection

nport express module de-311m is only the size of a credit card. It can be directly connected to the telecom equipment at the circuit board level by using RS-232 or TTL level. It can be installed inside the telecom equipment, so that the fixture structure of the tensile testing machine can obtain the immediate connection ability with the original telecom equipment, so as to realize the centralized management of remote equipment through the network

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