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Leading enterprises meet Nepcon China 2011 to see many exhibits first

as a weathervane in the field of SMT surface mounting and electronic manufacturing in China and even Asia, Nepcon China is regarded as an indispensable event by colleagues in the industry with an insurmountable scale. With the approaching of Nepcon China 2011, many industry-leading enterprises have come one after another to show their style on this stage

for professional audiences, I'm afraid the most attractive thing is the exhibition products that will be unveiled soon. Previously, we made a special presentation on the first new products of some international manufacturers, which attracted the attention of many insiders. As the exhibition is about to open, we will once again select some manufacturers' exhibits for the benefit of the industry. Let's make a paper display in advance

EVS International: new lead-free high solid filtration system EVs international, the world's leading company in solder recycling, will exhibit its EVs 7000lfhs system at booth 1b12b

the new high solid filtration system based on lead-free EVs 7000 significantly improves air flow and dust/smoke absorption, which is particularly important for some lead-free solders; The system also maintains the small floor area of the new four-wheel steering vehicle, and the steering vehicle is equipped with a service drawer that can be pulled out. The system is equipped with LED monitoring system. The green light indicates normal operation, the yellow light indicates 75% of the composite filter is used, and the red light indicates that the composite filter should be replaced. The internal design itself can easily maintain its built-in logic

with its unique characteristics of simple operation and high recovery rate, the system has a fast return on investment and provides pure solder quality. The solder recycling system also significantly improves the efficiency and cleanliness of the wave soldering machine by reducing short circuits, tin bridges and rework, and reduces pump maintenance and downtime. The above advantages help the company achieve and maintain the ISO 14001 enterprise environmental standard

Simon Norman, EVs managing director, said: tin is the main component of lead-containing and lead-free solders. In February this year, the price of tin on the London Metal Exchange (LME) soared to an all-time high. Because the solder price has also increased by more than 220% in the past 18 months, the production cost of electronic goods has been rising. Manufacturers are trying to find alternatives to reduce costs. More and more companies hope to use EVs solder recycling system as an efficient means to reduce costs. Only installing one EVs device can ensure an amazing level of savings. The host of sjbw-cd microcomputer controlled ultra-low temperature impact testing machine is equipped with safety pins, which means that the EVS solder recovery system can recover the cost in months (not years)

Yaskawa motor: motion control system

Japanese motor drive expert Yaskawa motor will bring its main products of motion control - V series servo and MP2000 series motion controller to Nepcon 2011

The products and technologies of Yaskawa electric are widely used in semiconductor, liquid crystal manufacturing equipment, electronic component placement equipment, machine tools and general industrial machinery

Yaskawa has always been in the leading position in the industry in the field of motion control. From the perspective of providing overall solutions, Yaskawa Electric has carried out technical cooperation with leading enterprises in various fields, leading the technological innovation of industrial equipment and systems. Summarize the user needs, and constantly integrate the user needs into the development of technically mature products, so as to contribute to the progress of technology

kic: automatic reflow soldering testing equipment

kic, the leader of development and control products in the thermal process field, and the winner of many industry awards, recently announced that it would launch a new KIC RPI automatic reflow soldering testing equipment at the 2011 Shanghai Nepcon exhibition

according to the introduction, the main characteristics of KIC RPI are: to achieve 100% reflow soldering process detection, automatically collect suspicious products to the upper and lower racks, and improve the shortcomings of existing detection.

in SMT production line, reflow soldering process has always been a black box. When SPI, AOI, X-ray and ICT equipment verify the integrity of silk printing, chip mounter operation and the function of the final product, those who pay the conference fee before March 31 will enjoy a discount of 1500 yuan/person, and the reflow soldering process is still unknown. If the reflow process of a component of the product exceeds the specification range, the immediate and potential problems will lead to product quality defects and then affect the qualification rate of the product. Worse, the potential welding problems will become the performance hidden danger of the final product. Now, with this KIC RPI system, it will detect and verify whether the assembly of each PCB complies with the established reflow process specifications

vj electronix: advanced repair system

VJ electronix, a leading manufacturer of X-ray detection technology and repair technology, announced that it would display its advanced summit 1800 and SRT Micra repair system on booth 1c10 of its agent kaineng automation company

summit 1800 repair system provides the most advanced performance specially designed to meet difficult repair challenges. Summit 1800 is a perfect match for the repair of BGA, BGA, CSP and other regional array components. It is an advanced system that can be quickly configured according to the special needs of users, including connectors, MCMs, CGAs, pop and SMDs

at the same time, SRT Micra's high-capacity repair system is compact in design. Using SRT's latest repair technology, it can easily meet the challenges faced by the repair technology, such as pop, QFN, 01005 and other micro passive components, 0.3 mm spacing CSP and RF protective screen, which are usually used in smart, notebook, GPS, camera, audio/video player, tablet computer, electronic reader and other small products. SRT Micra can quickly remove the RF protective screen, minimizing the temperature migration to the following sensitive parts. From the asymmetric RF protective screen contact surface to the narrow micro passive pad, the micro removal system can easily remove its residual solder. Micra adopts super flexible sierramate V9 repair software to realize a new image driven user interface and SRT's new autorun automatic process setting. While minimizing the amount of training and data collection, we add some LDPE and Poe to increase the compatibility of the two components, V9 further simplifies the process definition and ensures the uniformity and repeatability of the results

kyzen: excellent cleaning materials

kyzen, a leading manufacturer of environmental friendly precision cleaning products for the electronics and high-tech manufacturing industry, will display its excellent cleaning materials on the 2B21 booth

due to the continuous innovation of electronic products that need to achieve higher quality, better reliability, larger output and smaller failure rate, the market demand and requirements for advanced precision cleaning products are also increasing day by day. Kyzen company has designed more excellent products on the basis of years of dedicated research and experience, providing suitable cleaning products for all links that need cleaning in the production process

facts have proved that kyzen's cleaning materials are not only effective, but also have won many awards for their environmental protection, economy and easy operation. Kyzen company persistently tests its products in the latest environment of all production links, and constantly designs new products to solve current and future cleaning problems, such as white residues, ultra dense circuit boards, environmental protection and specifications

zestron: new cleaning agent

first, the world-famous cleaning agent and cleaning process supplier ZESTRON will exhibit the new cleaning agent atron AC 207 at Nepcon Shanghai Exhibition (Booth No. 2C01) held at Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from May 11 to 13, 2011

atron AC 207 is based on fast technology and is specially developed to meet the compatibility of sensitive metal materials. Compared with traditional cleaning agents, the service life of the cleaning agent can be extended by times, and the residue on the substrate can be perfectly cleaned under low application concentration and temperature. Atron AC 207 can remove all kinds of new lead-free flux residues and soldered solder paste

the full name of fast technology is fast surfactant technology. It is an innovation and upgrading of traditional surfactants by ZESTRON, and was officially introduced to the market by ZESTRON in 2007. All cleaning agents based on fast technology contain new surfactants, which enable cleaning agents to more quickly remove all kinds of new lead-free and lead-containing flux residues

Aqueous technologies: Automatic Flux

aqueous technologies will exhibit its award-winning Trident automatic flux cleaning system at booth 2g32 of its distributor Shanghai Jielong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd

The Trident series of aqueous technologies uses the latest automatic flux cleaning and cleanliness testing technology. Fully automated, just touch a button to complete the cleaning, rinsing, cleanliness testing, drying and SPC processes. You only need to program the desired cleanliness, and Trident's built-in Windows PC control system will do all the rest

trident's design includes several proprietary functions, among which the award-winning focus wash vibrating plate frame technology can ensure that the spray is fully covered and truly eliminate the residue in the hidden place. Trident's stainless steel piping system ensures extensive chemical and temperature compatibility. Trident's large 16 touch screen interface provides intuitive operation and programming settings

trident can eliminate all kinds of flux and solder paste residues, including all lead-containing and lead-free residues. The unique combination of cleaning and drying capabilities makes Trident the most powerful flux cleaning and cleanliness testing system in the market today

trident's built-in statistical process control (SPC) data recording function can automatically collect and record process variables, including settings and actual cleanliness values. Effective remote SPC viewing function enables users to view SPC data through any connected computer

finetech: professional repair system

finetech, an old German manufacturer of high-end repair equipment, will show two repair systems for professional repair applications, fineplayer coreplus and fineplayer Pico rs

finiser coreplus is a cost-effective integrated repair workbench. It provides professional repair performance at a very competitive price, and is widely applicable to all kinds of repair from the smallest 0201 micro components to the largest 70 mm x 70 mm large devices

this compact repair workbench, based on finetech's mature repair technology, integrates the whole set of repair process flow into a high-efficiency design, effectively ensuring the process repeatability that is crucial in customer production. The whole area bottom heating is adopted, which can meet the repair requirements of circuit boards with a maximum of 400 mm x 310 mm

finiser Pico RS is a high-end hot air repair bench, which is suitable for assembling and repairing all types of SMD parts. The system is a popular product that challenges the high-density assembly environment and is suitable for the repair of professional mobile products

at the upcoming nepcon/emt China 2011 exhibition, more wonderful things are waiting for you to discover in person. We'll see you in Shanghai from May 11 to 13

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