Network survival in the period of SARS

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Network survival during SARS

deep reading guide: SARS has changed our lives. This change is comprehensive: work at home, reduce going out, suspend performances, cancel parties, avoid contacts... However, life and work still need to continue

Internet meets all these: SOHO popularity, shopping, games, e-mail and SMS. Because of SARS, people are relying on collaterals as never before. In times of crisis, dehumanizing network survival has become the safest and most effective way of survival in human society

On April 16, Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang issued a notice: "in view of the development of SARS situation, in order to avoid cross infection, employees are allowed to work at home. SOHO is allowed in principle as long as the work is not completed in the office, and employees of the same work team can adopt the rotation system."

at that time, the spread of SARS in Beijing was far from as serious as it is now. Sohu employees began to work from home. "I can use, e-mail, OICQ, MSN to deal with some things. I feel no different from usual, but without my colleagues walking around. The boss Zhang Chaoyang is not worried about the impact of the staff's work process." Wang Jing, head of the marketing and public relations department who works from home, said, "everything is in order. You can even arrange a three-party interview for the boss."

the normal order of society cannot be disturbed by SARS, and all walks of life must ensure normal operation. At this time, remote office, which was originally unrealistic in the minds of some people, has really entered people's lives for the first time, and SOHO has become popular in Beijing. "Without collaterals, I have a feeling of panic." Ms. Wu, who works for Computerworld, said that since late April, Ms. Wu has basically completed her work at home through contacts. "There is no way. The other party doesn't accept interviews. I basically contact the other party by sending e-mail, and then send it back to the newspaper." As Miss Wu believes that as long as the information is unblocked, she doesn't care. Once the information is blocked, she will have a feeling of isolation

just a few days later, SOHO policies have been adopted in some IT enterprises, such as Sina, Cisco, Motorola, Ericsson, Oracle, sap, etc

Sina's policy is: "employees are allowed to work at home without affecting the quality of customer service; employees can weigh the urgency of their work, but each department should ensure that someone is in the office." SARS is like an exam, testing the "emergency system" established by many companies after September 11. In the emergency system of these companies, the core is the "businesscontinuityplan", which should consider both safety and business

it is reported that many of them use a software called B, which is a communication software tailored for enterprise applications on the basis of Tencent. By contrast, B can provide some of the most practical functions of enterprise office. Many enhancements have been made in networking meetings, group discussions, group sending, carrying attachments (including attachments in the sent information), directly saving information records (directly saving speech records), as well as security and authority control

because some companies require employees to work dispersedly but have to maintain their work as usual, B has become the best way of internal communication. It is reported that Tencent B added 3000 enterprise users in March and 4000 registered users in April, with a total of 70000 users; The number of SMS sent by enterprise user application B increased from 700000 in March to 1million in April. It is not difficult to see that B is gradually becoming the fastest-growing "atypical" office mode besides the traditional, fax and e-mail

shopping sales soared

on Saturday, April 26, in Tianhe City and China square, the incredible desolation still makes you remember the depression caused by SARS

many people started shopping because of SARS. "I didn't know about shopping at all before. I think I would be very happy to choose something I like by myself, and I like the feeling of shopping. But now it's no longer possible. SARS is so severe that I have to prevent it, so I went up and found that this way is good, which saves money and effort, so I often go during this period." Ms. Shan, who works in an IT company in Guangzhou, said

this situation can be explained from the data provided by merchants. Zhuoyue was the first to launch the book "SARS is not terrible" on. As of April 10, 2500 copies of the book have been sold on Zhuoyue, exceeding the market sales of bookstores such as Wangfujing. In addition, the sales volume of excellent books in March was about 1200, and by April 20, the sales volume had reached 1500. Mr. Qiao of excellence marketing department said, "the increase in sales is largely due to SARS. In order to avoid going out less, many people prefer to go shopping."

it is understood that Dangdang also has the same growth. In April, what kind of experimental machine is used to detect the traffic of Dangdang compared with that of copper? Here is the answer from Wang Gong of Fangyuan experimental machine factory: in March, the sales increased by 20%, and the sales also increased by 30% year-on-year. Among the popular categories of books, "health" and "recipes" once ranked fifth and sixth. Yao Xin, marketing director of Dangdang, said that these two categories had never entered the top 15 before. The growth rate of "recipes" books is the fastest in recent years. It is reported that there are two reasons: first, because of the worry about health conditions, the number of office workers eating out has decreased sharply, and many office men and women have entered the kitchen with the help of recipes; Second, housewives also buy recipes, because children who seldom eat at home usually go home for dinner because of SARS. In extraordinary times, recipes, together with the mainstream products of e-commerce, such as film and television VCD, music, games, etc., have made a small contribution to the growth of e-commerce

it can also be seen from Alibaba and eBay that they put the sales of masks and drugs in a prominent position. Tang Lei, a spokesman for eBay, said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the information release of masks, disinfectants, vitamins and other products increased by times, and the trading volume of products also increased by 10 times

communication networks shorten the distance

when SARS alienates people, it is networks that connect people more closely, allowing people to maintain the same communication as in the past. "My computer and MSN are on at the same time every day. These two tools are the main way for me to contact my friends now." Mr. He, who works in international trade, said. Mr. He was one of the first people to use it in China. Later, he gradually got tired of chatting and almost gave up. When SARS came, the life of calling friends was gone forever. In order to contact friends, he opened the dust laden

the first thing Xiao Zhang, a girl from Peking University, has to do when she gets up every morning is to go to each station to see the latest epidemic situation and the progress of prevention and control work. The three girls in the same dormitory have computers, and all their information is obtained by the network. After that, they will publish the latest information they know on the BBS of the school. "We will release the latest information to help everyone reduce panic." Xiao Zhang said

Mr. Yuan, who works in the network center of Tsinghua University, receives many emails of SARS announcement and greetings every day from his friends and colleagues. "Tsinghua canceled the school anniversary and closed the school on the 20th. We are not allowed to go in and out, but our work continues. Now our contacts with friends are basically, SMS, email."

it is worth mentioning that the biggest advantage of SMS lies in its lighter proportion, low smell, recyclability, and good processing and design. In recent days, there are more and more SMS and passages about SARS circulating, "the moon is as thick as wine, and the spring breeze gently blows the willows; peach blossoms bloom for a long time, I don't know whether I have seen them; there are few viruses in the world, so don't walk around; if you have nothing to disinfect and wash your hands, SARS can't last long; spare time to think about your old friends, and wish happiness forever."

greetings and ridicule of different styles are full of everyone. The way of "thumb clan" is popular, and the network inseparable from SMS is also booming. Many stations have opened special SARS pages. Here, people can subscribe to SARS prevention SMS, or send it directly to friends through the Internet. According to Sina, the daily sending volume of text messages is two to three times that of the original, and continues to show an upward trend

Ronald Laporte, Professor of epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh, believes that Haida will give you a detailed lecture on why many materials need to be tested with universal material testing machine. The intensification of the role of anti SARS is a great progress for medical science. Laporte said, "it is necessary to compare the information we have now with the situation before the Internet application. Although the current report is not perfect, it is 100 times better than the data we have in the past."

there are many entertainment games, movies, novels and music

there is no tourism, no performance, no richness and variety of previous festivals, and even the right to host the women's World Cup in September this year has been canceled... The attack of SARS has interfered with people's normal entertainment. How can young people who can't stand loneliness spend it

Yu Kun of Tourism Satellite TV chose online games to kill time. "At first, I swept the stable, practiced martial arts, watered, did chores, and slept in the martial arts school. After I had a certain experience value, I began to tour the city, deliver letters, accumulate experience value, and then learn skills from teachers." He said that in the past, he thought that online games were just boring and illusory. When his various activities were blocked, he found that the plot in the game was sometimes like a replica of life, a fairy tale of an adult, so he enjoyed the excitement brought by the game very happily. "There will be a lot of things to do on. I don't like playing games, but I can read novels, listen to music, especially download movies. Now I have a lot of time to download movies, and then enjoy them slowly." Mr. He, who works in Linux, said, "because I don't have to go to the office of international trade now, my time is more free."

in the survey of "network life during SARS" by Qianlong, in the survey of "are you willing to know effective and practical learning information through the network without going out", 75% of 595 people chose "of course, it saves time and effort"; In "if you choose to entertain during your vacation, what are you most interested in?" A total of 437 people participated in the survey, of which more than half chose "watching movies" and 40% chose "reading novels/books"

Dou Wei said in "black dream" that what cannot be done in reality, let the dream be completed. Now it has become: what you can't do in reality, let the network complete it

expert point of view

the vitality of Internet is becoming stronger and stronger

LV Weigang (Internet authoritative Analyst): in 2000, some people doubted the media nature of Internet, whether it should exist as a media, whether it can survive and develop, and the performance of several portals during SARS undoubtedly helped us determine this problem

up to now, we have seen that the vitality of Internet media is becoming stronger and stronger. The three portals

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