Iran signed a contract to supply 700000 barrels of

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Iran signed a contract to supply 700000 barrels of oil per day to Europe

according to Russian media reports, Iranian oil minister zangane said that Iran signed a contract to supply 700000 barrels of oil per day to the European market

according to foreign media reports on the appearance of electroplated parts in 8.8, zangane also said that the EU regarded Iran as a trusted partner in the field of energy supply because its experimental performance met different requirements at different levels. He said that Iran and the EU should hold regular negotiations to improve Iran's oil and gas supply to the European market. In addition, zangane added that European companies should start investing in Iran's oil, gas and petrochemical industries

zangane previously said that Iran's average daily oil exports were 1.7 million to 1.75 million barrels. Among them, Iran supplies more than 500000 barrels of oil to Europe every day

zangane explained that the contract was signed during the visit of EU energy and climate Commissioner Miguel aliescanet to Tehran

it was previously reported that the EU Commissioner for internal market and industry, the EU Commissioner for transport, the EU Commissioner for energy, the EU Commissioner for science and innovation, the EU Commissioner for education and culture, the EU Commissioner for humanitarian assistance, and the EU Commissioner for environment and fishing will form a delegation of the European Commission headed by Federica mogrini. The meeting is scheduled to be held on April 16

the EU delegation plans to discuss some potential areas of collaboration and cooperation, including economic relations, energy, environment, immigration, anti narcotics, humanitarian assistance, transportation, civil defense, science and the peaceful use of nuclear energy

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